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The 4 Best Desserts To Try In Singapore

Singapore's Absolute Best Desserts Will Tempt You

In reality, the desserts in Singapore are so much more than "just" desserts. In fact, they're some of the best that you can find in the world. And the best news? You don't have to travel the world to find them. In fact, you don't even need to leave your house if you don't want to. Dessert takeaway has well and truly found its place here with sweet offerings that can be brought direct to your doorstep.

And oh, what choices you have! From chocolate brownies to chocolate puddings, fruity flans or caramel cakes, it's worth treating yourself once in a while, you won't be able to resist. Don't believe us? See for yourself!

1. Dark Chocolate Rum Cherry Brownie

There's nothing plain about Plain Vanilla Bakery, nor is there anything vanilla about the Dark Chocolate Rum Cherry Brownie. It's got literally everything you could possibly ask for from mountains of chocolate, through to a little fruity flavouring and even a splash of rum. It's rich and indulgent and you'll absolutely love it. Go on... you know you want to!

2. Chocolate Chip Treat

You may think you like waffles, but you've not lived until you've tried the ones on offer at Gelare. Paying homage to Belgium, the land of waffles, these freshly baked treats go down a... well, a treat. Containing chocolate chips and topped with chocolate sauce, you get a true double whammy of the sweet stuff. Overload? Not at all. Just doubly delicious.

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3. Cake Batter Confetti

This is a child's dream, but an adult's reality, thanks to Cold Stone Creamery. You haven't got anyone to tell you "no", so you and your friends (or you know, just you...) can enjoy this absolutely amazing cake whenever you want to. Moist red velvet cake is sandwiched together with cake batter ice cream, all wrapped in a fluffy white frosting. As if that wasn't enough, the icing on the cake is the fact that it's covered in rainbow sprinkles. There is actual icing on the cake too, of course. Keep up!

4. Mango Pudding

Mangoes are so perfect and so pure that it's hard to imagine making them any better. Dessert Story have a handle on that though, making sure that their rich and sugary flavours stand out even more so in the form of a pudding. Sure, it's sugary, and sure, it's a dessert... but the fact that it contains fruit means it has to count for SOMETHING in the health stakes, right? Who cares, it's yummy regardless!

No excuses now that we're officially in 2018! You should know by now that it's not just starters and main courses on Deliveroo! These days, you can order dessert right to your front door, too. Enjoy!

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