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  2. From good value set lunches in Singapore to super cheap options - How to make your money go further
How to get the best meal for your money in Singapore

From good value set lunches in Singapore to super cheap options - How to make your money go further

There are some days where you simply can't be bothered cooking for yourself. You know the ones - when the thought of buying ingredients, getting all of your utensils out, and then actually preparing your meal gives you a veritable shudder of distaste, and all you can do is dream of eating fantastic food that you don't have to make.

There's only one thing for it when that feeling strikes: you have to order in. Of course, there's one little problem with this, and that's that sometimes your budget doesn't stretch quite as easily as your belly.   

Never fear, because we're here to help! If you want gourmet goodness or scrumptious salads at bargain basement prices, here are four top tips that will come in handy…

1. Go veggie

We know that the thought of a meat feast is often enough to get your mouth watering, but if you want cut-price cuisine that's restaurant quality, sometimes it pays to choose a vegetarian option. On that note, Real Food has you covered. Serving a vegan- and veggie-friendly menu, they offer plenty of economical yet excellent options to choose from, with our particular favourite being their Tom Yam Fried Vermicelli - stir-fried noodles with carrots, bak choy, and shimenji mushrooms. It's fabulously flavoursome but won't break the bank.

2. Order from a set menu

If you're determined to be economical, you might also want to think about ordering from a set menu, as these tend to represent fantastic value for money. Usually offering sizeable portions for a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay, they can taste absolutely amazing even without you splashing the cash. Ajisen's Tenshinhan Sets are the perfect case in point, and we recommend that absolutely everyone, millionaire or miser, tries their fantastic fried cuttlefish.

3. Shop around

Our next tip should be the most obvious yet, but so few people fail to put it into practice. Yes, we know that you tend to order when you're already hungry, which means that doing extensive research whilst your belly rumbles isn't always an option, but don't forget to shop around. There are lots of ways to find what you want fast, so use the tools at your disposal to refine your search and make a shortlist. Once you've done this, do a quick price comparison and choose whichever dish is cheapest. Pho Stop, for example, is super economical, but their Sliced Beef Soup Noodles still taste divine.

4. Share

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Last but not least, why not consider choosing a sharing option? If there's two or more of you, you can keep prices down by splitting suitable dishes between you, so that everyone has enough to eat but no one has to empty their wallets to fill their belly. Places like Wine Connection Cheese Bar have plenty of these to choose from, like the amazingly tasty 3 Item Platter for just $21.30.

Whether you want a healthy salad, smoked salmon, or a super-sized sharing platter, use our four top tips today to make your money go further!

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