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Our favourite Mod-Sin dishes on Deliveroo

Mod-Sin: A Modern Twist on Local Favourites

Modern Singapore (or Mod-Sin) cuisine. It's what happens when you take our local favourite tastes and give them a funky twist. Love chilli crab? Let's capture that in a burger. Love a plate of mee siam? Let's give it the lobster treatment. With Mod-Sin cuisine, you'll always find something familiar, yet new. Here are some of our favourite Mod-Sin dishes we can get on Deliveroo.


Butterscotch Cafe

Chilli Crab Cake Burger

Singapore has a long and storied history and love for Chilli Crab. We love it with mantou, we love it spicy, we love to bite into crab meat we've worked hard to negotiate out of its shell. The folks at Butterscotch Cafe have taken it one step further and created the Chilli Crab Cake Burger. The patty is smothered in red Chilli Crab Sauce, sitting in a slightly unfamiliar shape between 2 buns. The result however, is the reinvention of something we all know and love, and we love it even more now.

Try out the Chilli Crab Cake Burger on Deliveroo.


The Salon @ Hotel Fort Canning

Fried Mee Siam with Boston Lobster

Mee Siam is probably one of Singapore's favourites in hawker fare. There's nothing quite a satisfying as a warm, sweet and spicy bowl of mee siam, at any time of the day. It takes a special Singaporean boldness to look at a bowl of mee siam and say "Let's add a Boston Lobster". That's exactly what The Salon @ Hotel Fort Canning did. If getting down and dirty with a bowl of mee siam just isn't enough for you, dig into a juicy, red Boston Lobster sitting proudly next to it. The meat within the red shell is succulent to the last, and contrasts the sweet and spicy mee siam perfectly. Who knew that these two would be a match made in heaven.

Get some Fried Mee Siam with Boston Lobster on Deliveroo now!


Ding Dong

Rendang Beef Brisket Bun, Turnip Omelette, Pickle Cucumber

You'll usually find Rendang sitting comfortably on a plate of Nasi Padang, and that's more than okay! But have you ever tasted Rendang served as a beef brisket bun? With Ding Dong, you'll get that chance. The Rendang sauce here is just the right mix of spicy and savoury, balanced nicely with the tangy pickle cucumber. In place of our usual rice, the rendang sauce mixed with the bun is a devastating combination.

Get Ding Dong on Deliveroo to try the Rendang Beef Brisket Bun.


The Quarters

Real McCoy

The Real McCoy from The Quarters takes the chicken burger formula and introduces a dash (or more) of the salted egg craze that gripped the nation not long ago. The main wave of salted egg croissants and buns may have passed, but we've never quite lost our love for golden lava. The battered chicken is marinated in special southern spiced buttermilk, giving a sweet contrast to The Quarters' signature salted egg aioli.

Enjoy Mod-Sin cuisine from The Quarters on Deliveroo!


Take Hyde Out by Hyde and Co.

Lady Hyde 2.0 (Pizza)

The traditional flavours of pizza from margherita to pepperoni are great. How do you improve on such classic flavours? Give it a dash of Singapore with some Heibi Hiam (shrimp floss) of course. We loved having floss buns when we were younger, so why not put floss on a pizza? Take Hyde Out by Hyde and Co. present their signature Lady Hyde 2.0, a delicious hawaiian pizza with Heibi Hiam (shrimp floss) sprinkles and bacon crunch.

Get some Heibi Hiam love with the Lady Hyde 2.0 on Deliveroo.


The Chop Chop Selection

Nasi Lemak Burger

You heard that right. We at Deliveroo were missing a certain burger from a certain place marked by golden arches, but the guys from The Chop Chop Selection came to the rescue (and we love them for it). Indulge in the Nasi Lemak Crispy Chicken Burger only available this August 2017. Nasi Lemak is probably one of Singapore's favourite rice dishes, suitable for any time of the day. In burger form, it gets even better, with everything you love about Nasi Lemak in one assembly. Whether you prefer your Nasi Lemak with chicken or fish, The Chop Chop Selection has you covered.

Enjoy the second coming of the Nasi Lemak burger on Deliveroo.

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