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  2. Have a merry Christmas with Singapore’s tastiest holiday buffet spreads!
Singapore's Tastiest Christmas Buffet Spreads

Have a merry Christmas with Singapore’s tastiest holiday buffet spreads!

The Christmas season is here, ladies and gentlemen and that means family and festive dinners galore! To make sure your Christmas party is as merry as can be, we've put together this list with some of Singapore's tastiest and most exciting Christmas nibbles to make your spread absolutely divine this year. If you're looking for something to add that final holiday touch to your festivities, check out our guide to Singapore's best restaurants offering delicious Christmas-y goodness today!

1. Cheesy Bread - Sarpino's Pizza

Sarpino's Pizzeria has a habit of saving hungry citizens on late nights out, but this Christmas they can also save your hungry guests from tummy rumbles! What truly makes Sarpino's a great addition to any Christmas party are their 10" Cheesy Bread Sticks, freshly baked and heavily cheesy for a mouth-watering doughy rush with every bite! This perfect party dish comes with your choice of dips from sweet BBQ and tangy sweet chilli to jalapeno ranch to add even more fun flavours to these delectably cheesy treats!

2. Party Packs - 4Fingers

4Fingers have mastered the art of overwhelmingly delicious crispy chicken. Serving up crunchy and impeccably crisped wings en mass, they offer some of the best Korean fried chicken around. They're really serious about their chicken! So much so that they offer a party spread featuring the divine dish packed with anywhere from 50 to 150 savoury wings - that's a lot of chicken! You can choose between a savoury soy garlic or a zesty hot and spicy sauce to add that final delicious touch to these golden fried delights. To add some spiced wild fun to your Christmas event, be sure to pick up some of these crazy good wings!

3. Christmas Platter - Poulet

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Poulet goes ahead and skips right over turkey this Christmas and offers up a divine Christmas platter designed to put you in a very merry mood! Featuring an impeccably roasted chicken stuffed heavily with aromatic truffle oil-infused chestnuts and sautéed mushrooms, this crazy Christmas feast makes each bite more fascinating than the last! This insanely exhilarating mix of chicken, truffle flavours, warm chestnuts and so much more will set the standard for Christmas spreads for years to come!

4. Christmas Gourmet Pan Party - Pezzo

Pezzo prepares every merry Christmas with deliciously freshly-baked gourmet pizzas well-suited to make any party a blast. The Gourmet Pan Party pack is perfectly set up for any Christmas-themed party, containing a "What The Duck" pan pizza, which contains gorgeously smoked duck topped over a carbonara pizza base. Dried up cranberries add a mild Christmassy edge to the savoury pie before it's topped off with a sweet apricot drizzle. The Pan Party pack also contains a gourmet pizza of your choosing, with options like the Pump'd Up Cheese topped with a sea of everything from Mozzarella to Mexican-inspired nacho cheese, or a Trufflin' Truffle Mushroom, containing, you guessed it, loads of truffle! This pack will give you and your guests just the right combination of finger foods for your evening.

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