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  2. Explore The Carnivorous Side Of Singapore’s Mexican Dishes
Singapore’s Best, Most Meaty Mexican Dishes

Explore The Carnivorous Side Of Singapore’s Mexican Dishes

Nothing leaves you feeling more full and satisfied than going for a big, delicious meaty dish for dinner. Exploring the Mexican and South American dishes Singapore has to offer, however, can take your carnivorous culinary experience to a whole 'nother level. This cuisine offers you a wide range of succulent meat dishes – from Mexican tamales to chicken tacos – so get ready for a wild ride tonight with Deliveroo's top picks of all things meaty!

1. Adios, Muchachos! Call it a night with this Carnitas Burrito

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Brace yourself for one of Singapore's most popular Mexican restaurants – many who travel to Singapore make a point of passing by Muchachos. Among the most popular items is their Carnitas Burrito. This juicy and wonderfully jam-packed burrito is stuffed with a generous amount of succulent slow-cooked pork ('carnitas'), rice and black beans, then smothered in sour cream, salsa and a creamy cheese sauce. Of course, nothing can blend all these powerful flavours together as much as some of Muchachos' delicious salsa verde recipe. This wrap is so deliciously juicy that you'll be thinking about it for the rest of the day.

2. Gooey, cheesy Beef Tongue Quesadilla

The exciting dishes on Senor Taco's menu bring drool-worthy choices from classic Mexican cuisine to every hungry stomach. The Beef Tongue Quesadilla is an absolute must-try for those yet to get their hands on this timeless dish. Beef tongue is prepared using the traditional Mexican technique of slow-cooking over a flame, or barbacoa, and produces incredibly tender, juicy and irresistible shreds of meat. Mixed gorgeously with gooey cheese, the dish is served between the folds of a 6-inch flour tortilla, making for one incredibly ravishing dish.

 3. Tacos, tacos, Chimichurri Chicken Tacos!

You haven't fully explored South American cuisine till you've found your ultimate taco meal. Next on your list should be Vatos Urban Tacos Chimichurri Chicken Tacos – a contest winner on the Vatos menu. This spicy marinated chicken is topped with the popular sweet and tangy Argentinian sauce, chimichurri salsa, as well as lettuce, cilantro-lime crema and Mexican cheese. But don't stop there! You can also try their popular Baja Fish Tacos, their Braised Carnitas Tacos and you could even move onto some of their unique Korean-Mexican fusion dishes, like their Kimchi Pork Quesadillas. Your inner carnivore can definitely go nuts on this delicious menu!

4. There's nothing like a classic Beef Tamale

If you're looking for some truly authentic Mexican dishes, you can always turn to Los Jefes. One must-try Mexican dish is the Tamale, a corn-based dough stuffed with beef, then wrapped and steamed in a corn husk until fully cooked. Unwrap that corn husk and smell the beef radiating through the soft dough right before your steamy first bite. Yum! Wrap up your meal by sampling some of their ridiculously rich and creamy homemade horchata, a traditional Latin American milky drink made of ground almonds.

Deliveroo is here to help you embark on your ultimate carnivorous journey through Singapore's Mexican and South American dishes!

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