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Singapore’s Most Exciting Mango Dishes

It’s Mango-Mania With These Fantastically Fun Dishes In Singapore

Featuring one of the most refreshing fruits in the world, mangos add a unique charm to any meal they accompany – both sweet and savoury. Whether you're in the mood for interesting salads, desserts, smoothies, mocktails, mains or more, there's no choice that isn't made better with this exotic fruit and its sweet wholesome flavour. Whatever your heart is set on, we've got your back with some of the best dishes in Singapore packing a punch with mango goodness. Check out our map of where to find them and join the fun!

1. It's a Thai Affair with Mango Sticky Rice

When it comes to mango, we're in love! At Thai Affair, customers can indulge in authentic flavours from Thailand with the freshest handpicked ingredients. Whether it's sweet or savoury, your palette is sure to be engulfed in the richness of Thai herbs and spices with their tasty dishes. However, nothing says Thai food more than topping off a meal with some Mango Sticky Rice. Warm, chewy rice made with coconut milk and sugar pairs beautifully with fresh slices of tangy mango and a generous douse of sweet coconut milk drizzle. How can you go wrong? Looking for the perfect way to finish off your Thai food experience? Make sure to order up a bowl of this fragrant dessert and consider your sweet tooth satisfied!

2. Pair your meal with some Temptation

As the very first Indian Coastal Restaurant in Singapore, The Mango Tree is not an experience to to miss. Serving exquisite Indian food, this gem has gained its popularity thanks to their incredible mango-filled house specialities. Starters, soups, salads and of course, desserts all feature this versatile fruit. However, one can't help but to give in to the mango, strawberry and lemon smoothie fittingly named Temptations. The blend of citrus, vibrant berries and creamy mango is certain to quench your thirst and soothe your mind, any day of the week. If you're tempted to try some captivating Indian cuisine from a one-of-a-kind restaurant, be sure to check out The Mango Tree and discover your favourite mango recipe today.

3. Wrap your day up with an Uplifting Mango Roasted Chicken Wrap

Love greens? Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle? Well, Toss and Turn offers health-savvy gourmet food made with an impressive new holistic approach. No matter your personal dietary preference, at Toss and Turn you're sure to find a delectable healthy option to satisfy your appetite. The Uplifting Mango Roasted Chicken Wrap is indeed a wholesome combination of only the finest ingredients in town. It's an organic selection of succulent vegetables packed amidst thinly-sliced chicken breast, decorated with corn, croutons and a generous helping of sliced mango. Wrapped with whole-wheat pita bread, this sandwich will fill your stomach with everything but guilt. Be sure to try out the Uplifting Mango Roasted Chicken Wrap and stock up on all the delicious nutrients you need to keep on your feet.

4. Go green with a Thai Green Mango Salad

Where do we start with the Thai Green Mango Salad? If you're looking for some of the best salad around, you've hit the jackpot with Bali Thai. Their Thai Green Mango Salad is served refreshingly packed with mangoes tossed in a mix of shallots, cilantro, lime, mint and peanuts. The vibrant colours of each ingredient come together to produce a rainbow of sweet, spicy, sour and fruity flavours. For the final touch, pureéd chilli, garlic, lime juice and palm sugar are blended into the perfect drizzle. If you're ready to dig into some of the best Thai Green Mango Salad around, look no further than Bali Thai and get ready to fall head over heels with the first bite.

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