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These 4 Mac and Cheese Creations Are Singapore’s Best!

Your Guide To Old And New School Mac And Cheese In Singapore

As a comfort food that rivals others, mac and cheese is a staple in American cuisine with growing popularity worldwide. If you're looking to get your hands on some of the best mac and cheese in town to satisfy that rumbling tummy, we've put together a list of hotspots in Singapore you absolutely must try. From the classics to the funkiest versions you can imagine, check out our guide to these creamy beauties and be prepared to dig right into the fun!

1. For the seafood lover – Seafood Mac & Cheese

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory is one of South Korea's most popular chain of restaurants. Their delicious Korean style chicken dishes are absolutely divine and never fail to provide a level of flavour we can't get enough of. Serving up a twist on the classic American recipe, Chir Chir serves a fantastic Seafood Mac & Cheese that will blow your mind. A delicious assortment of seafood is infused into this all-time favourite, mixing deep-sea flavours with creamy parmesan and cheddar for the ultimate combo. If you're craving the best of both worlds, the Seafood Mac & Cheese is an absolute must-try.

2. For the traditional eaters – Old School Baked Mac & Cheese

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Although it may be named Little Diner, this fantastic menu is anything but small, serving fresh and absolutely riveting choices to suit the whole family. Presenting some good ol' Mac & Cheese, Little Diner's "Old School" baked serving is absolutely to die for. Macaroni is tossed and mixed in a savoury three-cheese sauce and capped with a crispy breadcrumb crust to create that timeless oven-baked golden layer. Served piping hot, fresh and scrumptiously delightful, this true Mac & Cheese is the perfect soul food. From the very first bite, Little Diner's Old School Baked Mac & Cheese is guaranteed to have you hooked and coming back for seconds.

3. For the fusion-seekers – Beef Rendang Mac & Cheese

Arbite fuses the best of modern European dishes with traditional Asian delights to produce a host of uplifting dishes. And believe us when we say, you'll be head over heels for this perfect comfort food recipe. Delicious and spicy Rendang beef is braised for a whopping six hours then tossed with orecchiette pasta, mushrooms, tasty melted cheese, fresh spinach and cream. It's then covered in a crispy herbed breadcrumb crust for the perfect finish to this seamless dish. The myriad of flavours in Arbite's Beef Rendang Mac & Cheese makes it a dish to put all others to the test.

4. For the poultry-obsessed – Rosemary Chicken Mac & Cheese

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This restaurant has a name that's as quirky and as fun as its menu. Socks & Pans presents their very own western Mac & Cheese: mostly old school, but with a twist of their own. Macaroni is beautifully blended with strips of rosemary chicken, croutons and stringy mozzarella cheese, all of which is smothered in a divine béchamel sauce. It's then topped with a layer of crispy bacon bits to deliver a heavenly bowl of cheese, spice and everything nice. A wonderful chicken rendition, this mac and cheese recipe combines each element into one gorgeously golden dish.

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