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Singapore's 4 Hottest Saturday Night Nachos

Nacho Greatness – Singapore’s Hottest Saturday Night Mexican

It's that part of the week again - Saturday night, middle of the evening and about time for dinner. You're hungering for a plate of grub to get you through and what could be more satisfying than a wickedly hot plate of authentic Mexican nachos? Whether you're dining solo, on a date or out with work, these loaded tortilla chips are your new best friend. So, serve up the beans, the cheese, the sour cream and the onions and grab a fistful of melted, gooey goodness. Here at Deliveroo, we've listed four of the best to take your taste buds out to town. It's Mexican night, Singapore style.

1. Super Nachos

Tucked away at the bottom of the especiales section of an already magnificently delicious menu, Muchachos' super nachos are a wonder to behold. If your pining for a quick snack (between two, mind you - this is a whole lot of food!)? Then, order up a bowl and get stuck in: chips, chilli, cheese, sour cream, salsa and guacamole all mixed together for a flavour sensation like no other. Tease your tongue with every bite and make your belly happy. It's tangy, salty, sweet and hot so be sure to keep one of the in-house Jarritos on hand if you do happen to find yourself a little red around the ears. This is real Mexican, made with love.

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2. Veggies Nachos

Max out, Mex Out. The folks down at this beautiful institution are just waiting to serve you up a plate of their own nacho concoction. The regular dish comes with shredded chicken amidst the usual suspects but, if you're not feeling the meat, then you can always go for a portion of their veggie nachos: crispy corn tortilla, mushroom, aged cheese, avocado cream and pico de gallo make for a fresh and clean taste atop a crunchy foundation. With options for everyone, Mex Out is a great place to take folks of all inclinations. Still hungry after all that? Fear not. Sticky Mexican rice or drizzled chocolate churros await for dessert.  

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3. The Nacho Pancho

The Nacho Pancho. As punchy in flavour as it is in name, this dish from Los Jefes takes the proverbial cake in terms of innovation and inventiveness. The regular version sees home ground beef and cheese spread with sliced jalapeño on the usual bed of chips, then throws in potatoes, carrots and stewed tomatoes to make for a real savoury serving. Craving nachos but bored of the same old thing? This is just the dish for you. Veggie options swap out the meat for poblano pepper and caramelised onion for all you herbivores out there.

4. Nacho Choices

Eight topping options, eight great eats. Guzmen Y Gomez offers up the most choice when it comes to their nacho dishes - choose between mild or hot chicken, steak, beef or pork; heck, go wild with seafood barramundi. These guys will take care of all your nacho needs, no matter what mood you find yourself in. Each loaded plate comes with melted jack cheese, guac, salsa and vegetarian black beans to round off your Saturday night just right.

Need some nachos in your life? A full-to-burst burrito? Order Mexican food direct to your door with Deliveroo.  

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