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Discover the 4 Best Lebanese Dishes In Singapore

Lebanese? Yes Please!

Whole grains, chickpeas and chicken - just some of the amazing ingredients that spring to mind when we think of Lebanese food. You don't have to just imagine; we've collated some of the best dishes for you to actually try, right here in Singapore. Lebanese takeaway is incredibly popular, and it's not difficult to understand why. Whether it's a curry or some juicy, marinated meat, there's truly nothing bland about it.

Full of flavour, there's really nothing to dislike. Especially if you're a fan of garlic, olive oil or lemon juice (and who isn't, really?!) because these are used in abundance. In fact, we're not even sure "sparingly" is in the Lebanese vocabulary but that's not at all a complaint!

1. Artichoke, Hummus

Ah, hummus. If you don't love it, you need to re-evaluate, maybe starting with trying this classic creation from Artichoke. Chickpea dip with tahini sauce comes alongside sumac, pickled cucumber, black sesame and, of course, the essential ingredient - it's pita bread for dipping, of course!

2. Fill A Pita, Falafel Pita

You can't list Lebanese food without mentioning pita; it would honestly be a crime! The Falafel Pita from Fill A Pita ticks two major boxes when it comes to the classics of Lebanese cuisine. There are three falafels packed into this pita, comprising of a lovely veggie and chickpea mix. Lucky you; you also get a mixed salad as well as some tahini sauce (but they do leave off the garlic and onion, as there's already plenty enough going on).

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3. Tabbouleh, Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh had to get its namesake from somewhere and, in this case, it's from the salad of the same name, Tabbouleh. As far as signature dishes go, they couldn't have picked a better one to represent them. This salad's got some strong flavour game; it's far more than just some leaves and lettuce. Freshly chopped parsley direct from Lebanon is mixed in with burghul - otherwise known as crushed wheat - as well as tomato, onion, lemon juice and an extra-generous helping of extra virgin olive oil.

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4. El Halal, Mixed Cold Mazza

It can be overwhelming when you have so many choices that you almost can't decide. Sometimes, you don't have to, and we're grateful to El Halal for allowing us to have it all. This mixed platter comes with an abundance of different Lebanese treats so that you're not put in a position that you'd honestly rather not be in. Hummus, falafel, moutabel, which is a spicy aubergine dip, labneh, fattoush salad and makdousa, a pickled stuffed eggplant, make up this incredible offering, putting all these delicious dishes where they really should be - right on your plate!

If you love Lebanese, we don't tease - there are plenty of incredible dishes that you can order from us, right here on Deliveroo.

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