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Lebanese Food Featuring Lamb in Singapore

Lamb-licious – The Best Lamb Dishes That Lebanese Food In Singapore Has To Offer

Some foods are clearly for the summer. Others are best when it's cold outside. Lebanese food is a little different, however, as there's something to enjoy no matter the weather. Lamb is perfectly versatile in that respect; it's often associated with spring and yet it works perfectly as a winter warmer as well. Of course, it's not just Lebanese food. Lamb is popular in a range of different cuisines, notably Indian and British. It's tender and it's tasty, so it's actually really easy to see why. But Lebanese is all the rage, so let's see which lamb-like Lebanese food Singapore has for you to try.

1. Byblos Grill – Arayess Kofta

Lebanese meat-stuffed pitta breads are called Arayess Kofta and Byblos Grill is bringing them all the way over here to Singapore. Minced lamb that's first been charcoal grilled is mixed with pomegranate sauce to create a unique-flavoured stuffing. This is then slipped inside some freshly baked Lebanese bread. But it doesn't stop there: they add a little something extra on the side. A little yoghurt, for you to dip your lamb-licious dish into, completes this wholesome meal.

2. Tabbouleh – Lamb Mandi

What differentiates lamb in Lebanese food from lamb used in other cuisines? Very often, it boils down to the herbs and spices. At Tabbouleh, they know the importance of staying authentic when it comes to using Arabic spice, which is why their Lamb Mandi is bursting with flavour. Saffron enhances the already incredibly tender meat. Then you've got the rice. It's extra-special, because it's prepared in the lamb's juices. It's impossible not to love it!

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3. El Halal – H. Bil Laham

There's nothing better on a hot summer's day than some chickpea puree. Usually, we go straight to hummus but this dish from El Halal comes with a bit of a difference. It's blended with tahini, garlic, lemon juice and even minced lamb. Now there's no faulting this in all honesty: chickpeas and lamb are both staples of Lebanese cuisine – and so are all the delicious extras used in the flavouring.

4. Artichoke – Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder

If you're having one of those days where all you want to do is to curl up inside the house, the Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder from Singapore's Artichoke is the perfect dinner choice. You don't have to do any of the preparation for yourself and it's rich and indulgent enough for those lazy days when you're craving comfort food. Marinated in toum garlic sauce, tomato Esme and served with onion, this meat is succulent right to the bone. Is the weather bad outside? No problem – we'll bring this heavy comfort dish to you so you don't have to go outside.

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