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  2. From Mexican To Lebanese, Get Your Veggie Fix With These Fabulous Finger Foods In Singapore
The Best Veggie Bites in Singapore From Mexican To Lebanese

From Mexican To Lebanese, Get Your Veggie Fix With These Fabulous Finger Foods In Singapore

Who says vegetarian food can't be insanely fun? With some of the world's best finger-food recipes served right here in Singapore, everything from Lebanese food to crunchy Mexican bites are only a click away. Rest assured! Your veggie-fuelled cravings are already taken care of with some of the best restaurants in Singapore ready on demand. Check out our compilation of healthy veggie-based snacks and prepare to be blown away.

1. Seaweed Roll - Genesis Vegan Restaurant

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To start off our list of scrumptious veggie bites, the Seaweed Roll from Genesis is the perfect way to get going. Savoury Nori sheets are packed with a circus of nutrient-fuelled vegetables such as carrots, crisp romaine lettuce, purple cabbage and cucumbers. For a boost of crunch, an almond and cashew sauce is added to the mix to complete this fantastic treat. The ultimate quick-bite seaweed roll, this handy morsel is perfect for anytime of the day. As an easy dish to enjoy on the go, make sure you get yourself a platter to keep yourself energised and ahead of the game.

2. Falafel - Kebabs & More

One of the Middle East's most beloved quick bites has undeniably taken the world by storm – falafel is a staple when it comes to deliciously healthy veggie-friendly food. The fun begins when chickpeas are smashed and blended with fresh coriander and parsley in addition to fragrant traditional spices. Once hand-rolled into shape, these green patties from Kebabs & More are deep fried to a brown crisp and served alongside a refreshing tahini sauce and baked flat bread. Filled with flavour, Falafel offer a perfect veggie choice to devour wherever you go. If you're looking for an energy boost with a taste to remember, Kebabs & More has got you covered.

3. Sautéed Vegetables with Guacamole Nachos - Guzman Y Gomez

For those feeling feisty and looking to dive into decadent nachos with toppings that are simply to-die-for, check out the Sautéed Vegetables with Guacamole Nachos from Guzman Y Gomez. Golden corn chips are drowned in a criminally-indulgent Jack cheese, vegetarian black bean sauce, a savoury salsa and a sautéed vegetable garnish. Don't forget the ultimate cherry on top, lots and lots of guacamole! Fun, full of flavour and packed with vegetarian essentials, these nachos will not let you down. Mildly spicy and perfectly suitable for a quick and filling snack, tortillas never looked better!

4. Truffle Fries - Rice & Fries

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Fries served hot with truffles… need we say more? As one of the most popular quick-bites at Rice & Fries, and with good reason, the truffle fries are an absolute must-try for anyone on the hunt for a fancy dish full of aromatic flavour. Incredibly tasty truffles are generously shaved over freshly-cut fries for a satisfying veggie snack like no other. An all around fan-favourite and terrific choice, the truffle fries are an absolute must-try.

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