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  2. The best late night food in Singapore to stave off tomorrow's hangover
Late Night Food Takes On A Whole New Meaning With These Fab Dishes

The best late night food in Singapore to stave off tomorrow's hangover

When going out for a few drinks, it's important to remember to have fun - but not too much fun that you'll still be feeling it tomorrow! Eating late night foods can really help you to ensure that you're good to get up and go when you wake up. Hangovers are awful, but as you get older, they happen! While water is obviously the best thing to drink to counteract that, you'll also be doing yourself some huge favours by eating the right things before you go to bed as well. Here are some of our favourite comfort foods that we love to eat after a late night - and the reasons why.

1. Pho soup to hydrate

Alcohol dehydrates us at the best of times - you flush so much from your system while drinking it that you need to replenish the fluids somehow! Traditionally, people would opt for a Chinese takeaway after a bit of a naughty night, but now you just have so many options. You keep chugging down that water but why not have some Vietnamese pho to sober yourself up? Sticking with the noodle theme, at So Pho they're kind of experts in the stuff and their traditional Pho really pays attention to detail (so you don't have to). Containing both sliced beef and brisket in the broth, there's so much flavour in it. And it's super comforting, so you'll feel better, too.

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2. French fries for potassium

You don't need to tell us to order french fries twice! But did you know that foods containing potassium - namely potatoes - can actually help reduce the hangover symptoms that may be on the horizon? If you want to really indulge when finishing up your night, we recommend the Texas Cheese Fries from the all-American Chili's Grill and Bar. They say everything's bigger in Texas, a statement to which these fries are testament! They're loaded up to the max with cheese, bacon, jalapenos and green onions and then they're finished up with ranch. Alcohol? What alcohol? We only see fries!

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3. Pizza to soak up the alcohol

If you've gone a little bit overboard, it's important that your drinks aren't just sitting on an empty stomach. Pizzas will really fill you up and at Motorino Pizza they have plenty of choice. You honestly can't go wrong with a good Margherita though: full of simple yet cheesy goodness and plenty of the carbs you'll be craving when your blood sugar levels drop. Plus, it suits fussy eaters and vegetarians alike, so there's enough to go around. 

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4. Grilled meat to stay lean

When drinking alcohol all night, what you're actually doing is binging on empty calories. This may seem tasty and fun at the time, but it's perhaps not so good for your waistline. If you want to piece together at least some semblance of health while still out having a good time, grilled chicken or veggies may well be the best way. At Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill you can order a Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich. The chicken is chargrilled and served on a bun - just request no mayo to keep the fat out!

Gone are the days of feeling rough after you've had a few. If you're making plans to drink, make plans to eat too, on Deliveroo.

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