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4 Oh-So Delicious Korean Dishes At Their Best

Smoky, Sweet And Oh-So Delicious – Korean At Its Best

From Korean BBQ to katsu curry and rice, the world of Asian cuisine is so much more than sushi and bowls of ramen. There's more out there to explore – for you, your stomach and your taste buds, whether it's Chinese, Indonesian, or classic Japanese. However, the taste sensation that is Korean BBQ has spread across the globe like wildfire – and for good reason; Korean cuisine is one of the best for spice, flavour and satisfying taste. So, sit back, relax and let us take you through four of Singapore's best Korean dishes on offer.

1. Sesame Seed Sticky Chicken

Whether you like your food, spicy, sweet, or some mix of two, OPPA Chicken have got you covered. They've got wings, winglets, pieces and rice, all served up and ready to take your taste buds through a truly Korean experience at their outlet down in Bukit Merah. The menu boasts iconic kimchi flavours, original seaweed fries and a range of traditional noodle dishes for you to try out on the side - the sesame seed sticky chicken is on a whole other level - not to be missed and absolutely delicious.

2. BBQ Bulgogi Beef on Rice

Hungry for lunch? Light or filling, the folks at Seoul Kitchen have got just the thing for you. Their BBQ bulgogi Beef on Rice stands out as the chef's recommended dish - simple, but deep and full of flavour. Strips of beef is marinaded in Korean spices and sauces before being grilled to perfection with a variety of veg. Alternatively, swap out beef for pork or go for a whole other dish entirely: fried dumplings, Korean ramyun or hot stone bibimbap. Each and every dish is a taste sensation and more than enough to pick you up in the middle of the day. Like OPPA, they serve their own original fried chicken, plain or in a tangy sauce and a huge range of BBQ plates - it's not quite Korean BBQ itself, however; that's up next. Wash your meal down with a Hite Korean beer Boksunga peach soda and be ready for the afternoon ahead.

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3. 8 DIY Bibimbap

Korean BBQ is basically known as a 'meat roast' - not one for the vegetarians in town, to say the least. You have a choice of 1 protein, traditionally beef or pork, 1 carbohydrate and a choice of sauce to complete your dish - you have complete control over your food and flavours. Fancy giving it a go? Not sure where to look for your first (or veteran experience) in Singapore? Well, look no further than 8 Korean BBQ down in Boat Quay. Their DIY Bibimbap will leave you fit to burst after a truly memorable and unique experience - and one that doesn't end in washing up!

Korean BBQ is social. It's a fun and inventive way to eat. Whether you're looking for a personal culinary experience, a unique date, this a great option for many.

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4. Chicken Hot Pot

Come on up to Upper Bukit Tumah - Woorinara Korean Restaurant awaits. They've got kimchi pancakes, kimchi pancakes with cheese, soups, stews and chicken and noodles with an extensive variety of flavour and ingredients. If you know you want soup but aren't sure what kind, this is the place to come. Go all in with their Chicken Hot Pot and dine in deliciousness. Steamy, filling and wholesome - it features chicken, a variety of vegetable all cooked in broth flavoured with a Korean spice paste. This place is a little slice of Korean cuisine, highly specialised and extremely well done. Bone in or boneless, garlic or cheese, your stomach will thank you when you're done eating with this one.

Need some smoky BBQ in your life? Craving a little bit of meat and spice? Please your taste buds and order Korean food direct through Deliveroo.

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