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Korean is the latest foodie trend and here's why

Tried and tested - Korean food family favourites!

The Asian continent has a myriad of exciting cuisines for people to try and the hottest of the moment has to be Korean. While food from China, Thailand and Japan will always remain popular, Korean food is really having its moment in the sunlight. Cast aside what you think you know: food from Korea thrives on flavour and ensures a really delicious experience when you eat it. From BBQ to stew, there will be something for you. 

1. Want something new? Have a stew!

If hunger is getting you down and hanger beginning to take over, it's time to enjoy some jigae. Don't worry if you don't have a clue what that means - it's just another name for delicious Korean stew. Kimchi Stew is the best of the lot, because it's so quintessentially Korean. Kimchi - a Korean kind of cabbage - is blended with other ingredients, such as onions, veggies and meat. At 8 Korean BBQ, it makes a great dish on its own or the ideal addition to your barbecued meat.

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2. Enjoy something from the hot plate

While everything the Koreans traditionally make is amazing, Korean BBQ really steals the show. This stuff is a meat lover's dream and it's hard to choose which kind you want. In restaurants, the classic way to prepare the cuts is at the table yourself. This is a little harder with takeaway food, but don't worry - the taste remains the same, so the experience is just as great. At Hyangtogol restaurant, you can choose from a range of different meaty meals - from BBQ chicken to BBQ pork. But our recommendation here has 100% got to be Bulgogi, which is extra-specially marinated BBQ beef. There's really nothing else out there quite like it, and it's easy to enjoy family style. Just remember to leave space for your included sides and rice!

3. Who doesn't love soup?

If you're trying to stick to the healthy stuff, good news - the Koreans are truly great with soup. At Zzang, Spicy Tofu Soup goes down a treat and it's vegetarian. In true Korean style, it comes with rice and seaweed, which itself has a multitude of health benefits: not only does it have a yummy and unique taste, it's super nutrient dense. This stuff is essentially a superfood. Power to the greens!

4. Rice is always nice

Korean rice isn't like other rice. It's got its own unique set of flavours and at Kimchi Korean Restaurant that's especially true. Bipimbap is Korean-style rice and you should try their version of Ya Chae Dolsot. It's rice combined with veggies, egg yolk and chilli paste sauce. Rice made the wrong way can be incredibly bland, but there's none of that around here. This stuff got a kick to it and that means it's really, really good. 

Korean food has a lot to offer, so find out more by checking out the menus on Deliveroo.

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