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The Best of Singapore's Sizzling Korean BBQ Pork Dishes

Sizzling, Saucy and Sumptuous Korean Pork for You to Get Your Chops Around

There is something really communal about Korean BBQ. The idea that everyone cooks their meat together around a stove makes for a great sense of occasion. Other cuisines are starting to take note and table top BBQ is no longer the reserve of Korean restaurants in Singapore. Flavours that once were strictly Korean are beginning to take on Japanese or Chinese ingredients, adding another dimension to the dishes.

The hybridity of flavours that make their way into the marinades is one of the best parts about this dish And the favourite meat choice among Korean BBQ lovers is pork. Soft and succulent with lots of flavour, it makes a great meat for the BBQ and we want to share our love for this cracking combination with you, too. Here are our favourite BBQ dishes from around Singapore.

1. 8 Korean BBQ – Mangalitsa Pork Belly

Mangalitsa Pork Belly might sound like it's more than you can get your mouth around, but don't be fooled – this is a Korean BBQ ace. The Mangalitsa is a heritage breed of pig famed for its intensely flavoured marbled meat and when used in barbecue it creates a succulent base for flavours. The Pork Belly is one of the most popular dishes on the menu at 8 Korean BBQ and it's not hard to see why. The pork is marinated in eight different ways: from more traditional flavours such as honey or ginger and plum, to an exciting pine marinade and a green tea version. Order up and get your chops around this!

2. One Enterprise Japanese – Korean BBQ Spicy Pork

Korean or Japanese? If you can't make up your mind, ordering from One Enterprise is a one-way trip to satisfaction: this Japanese restaurant also specialises in Korean BBQ and their spicy pork straddles both cuisines. You could even have sushi as a starter and follow up with some delicious Korean BBQ. If you're feeling really hungry, there are lots of great Japanese favourites on the menu too such as Katsudon. There's no reason not to go all out, it's all just too good!

3. Zzang Korean Food – Pork Bulgogi

 For authentic Korean BBQ, with a side of onomatopoeia, the menu at Zzang has everything you need to get your tastebuds buzzing. The Pork Bulgogi toasts the best meat selection on a Korean BBQ and combines it with rice to make a full meal to guarantee you won't go hungry any time soon. Bulgogi literally means 'fire meat', so you can be sure that the marinated pork was on the flaming BBQ before it met the fluffy rice. There are loads of other sides to choose from too, including Deep Fried Kimali (rice noodles wrapped in seaweed). And, if you're still feeling peckish afterwards, there are some great Asian dessert places within delivery distance.

4. Hyangtogol – Doaeji Bulgogi

Hyangtogol know that when you're ordering takeaway, you want things to be as easy as possible. That is why they have come up with a fantastic set menu that's set to entice. The Doaeji Bulgogi features their marinated pork with rice and seasonal side dishes such as steamed veg and pickles. Kimchi is meant to be great for gut health, so a large side of that wouldn't go amiss!

Have we got you craving Korean BBQ? Grab your besties and head on over to Deliveroo for more!

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