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Japan's Weirdest and Creepiest Dishes to Try in Singapore

Japan's weirdest and creepiest dishes you just have to try!

From the heart of Japan straight to your home in Singapore, some of Japan's weirdest and wackiest dishes can be found all over town. Everything from sea urchins to squid guts are cooked up into fascinating and intricate meals with a slightly less conventional touch, making every new experience unique and delicious in its very own way. We've put together a guide to some of the strangest and most flavourful Japanese dishes Singapore has to offer that you absolutely have to try ASAP!

1. Ika Sugatayaki

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First on our list of terrifyingly terrific dishes is the Ika Sugatayaki from Shin Kushiya. As creepy as it is fantastic, the Ika Kimuchi is a whole squid grilled slowly over a charcoal fire before it's laid out in its entirety over a platter and sliced into equal pieces, tentacles and all! Dressed with a drizzled of thick savoury teriyaki sauce, this squid dish takes on a whole new approach to the calamari we all know and love. Once ready to be devoured, the Ika Sugatayaki is definitely a strange-looking dish until you take that first bite so be sure to add this challenge to your list of wacky foods to try and check out what Shin Kushiya has to offer!

2. Chuka Iidako


Another fantastic dish with a freaky twist is the Chuka Iidako from Sushi Tei. Chuka Iidako features a main course of baby octopus marinated and dressed in sweet teriyaki sauce, ginger and vinegar and topped with spicy chilli for an extra kick. Although it might look strange at first, remember not to judge a book (or meal in this case) by its cover! Once you work up the strength to take that first bite, you won't be disappointed! The octopus itself is slightly chewy, and paired with the classic sweet and salty elements of a teriyaki drizzle making every bite more scrumptious than the last. Another must-try dish from Japan with a challenge that will leave you feeling courageous and fully satisfied to say the least!

3. Shishame Yaki

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Next up on this out-of-the-box Japanese inspired challenge is Shin Minori's Shishame Yaki. This meal is not for the faint-hearted! However putting fears aside, it's a challenge with endless rewards. This seafood main calls for a pregnant (yes, pregnant) Shishamo fish grilled to perfection in sets of three, skewered then served up on sharing platters. Traditionally, the fish is presented whole with its fish eggs intact, making it easy to see why it might come off as a weird dish. Shishamo is a very popular ingredient in Japan favoured for its mild taste and crunchy charred texture, making this an exotic appetiser fit to accompany any meal on the menu.

4. Pickled Squid Guts

By far the most strange and interesting dish on our list is the pickled squid guts dish from Hokkaido Izayaka. Squid intestines are traditionally fermented in salt and considered a sake-drinker's best friend when served over a bowl of steamed rice. An odd dish in every way, it does however offer an intense flavour not to be reckoned with! If you think you have what it takes to gobble up this unconventional seafood meal, tradition dictates a pairing of some sake on the side that will immerse you in yet another unique Japanese experience. As weird as it may sound, don't miss out on this fantastically freaky dish the next time you're feeling brave!

With a long list of strange and freaky dishes offered right here in Singapore, Deliveroo is happy to bring the challenge straight to your front door!

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