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Monster Curry Anyone? Top 4 Japanese Curries In Singapore

Monster Curry Straight From Japan - Discover The Most Flavourful And Fragrant Japanese Curries In Singapore

Light, fresh, fragrant and full of taste: Japanese cuisine knows how to do all those things at their best. Discreet flavours, wholesome combinations of ingredients and delicate preparation are all characteristic of Japanese cooking. Yet Japanese is so much more than sushi or ramen – some of the most scrumptious curries come from the Land of the Rising Sun and there are plenty of restaurants in Singapore where you can get a taste!

1. Monster Curry

If anyone knows how to put a spin on Japanese curry, it's the folks at Monster Curry. They certainly love what they are doing, which is why they choose to serve their dishes with demi-glace curry sauce. Here you can sample simple and original recipes, like their Homemade Curry or the popular Cheese Omelet Curry. But if you really want a taste of what a curry can be at its maximum, skip the usual and go for their combo curries: their signature Monster Combo Curry is phenomenal, combining tender Pork Katsu and Pork Shabu-Shabu with crispy Prawn Tempura and Fried Fish. It doesn't get any better or bigger than that!

2. The Ramen Centre

Situated in Marina Bay, The Ramen Centre has won over the hearts of local crowds with its signature ramen bowls – but that is not the only thing they are famous for. With their curries, as with every other item on the menu, they like to keep things simple and do them well. You will only find three Japanese curry options, all based around their fragrant and decadent curry sauce served over sticky nutritious rice. Katsu Curry is paired with scrumptious pork cutlet and their Original Curry topped with mixed vegetables is perfect for vegetarians. But the true hero is the Karaage Curry: a unique curry dish served with fried chicken – perfectly golden and crispy, as it should be.


In MOJO, they like to take things up a notch or two: from their yakitori to their signature Aburi Broccoli with grated parmesan, white balsamic and nanami, they are well-renowned for their attention to detail and their gourmet sophistication. The same holds true for their Japanese curry, which they serve in the form of one of their signature dinner bowls. Marbled Beef Sirloin is served over a curry bowl and topped with a fried and runny egg for an extra boost of flavour.

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4. Sama Curry & Café

If you want to get to know Japanese curry in a slightly different version, try Sama Curry & Café. They are famous for their soup curries all served with a variety of veggies including baby corn, broccoli, eggplant, okra and potato all being topped off with half Japanese soft-boiled egg. You can choose from several options, including their out-there Keema Natto with fermented soybean and minced meat or their favourite Chicken Marathon if a tender and juicy chicken leg is what you are going for.

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