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Recipe: Jamie’s Italian’s Fish in a Bag

How to make Jamie’s Italian’s Fish in a Bag

The name Jamie Oliver is synonymous with good food done in a way that is both delicious and cool. A combination of the exquisite tastes of high end restaurants, with the charm of your casual burger joint. His recipes and cookbooks can be found in the household of just about everyone who has wanted to impress their friends and family.

One of his signature dishes, the simply named Fish in a Bag, is no exception to the rule. Two gorgeous fillets of fish swimming in a bag of white wine mixed with colourful herbs and supplements, tasty enough to impress your dinner companion (date or otherwise).

We sat down with the chefs of Jamie's Italian, to see how they create one of Jamie's favourites, the Fish in a Bag.

The Fish in a Bag Recipe


  •  40g green beans, cooked
  • 300g baby potatoes, cooked and crushed
  •   40g cherry tomatoes, halved
  •  ½ teaspoon oregano
  • 1 teaspoon basil leaves
  • 30g Gaeta olives
  • 30g extra virgin olive oil
  •  80ml white wine
  •  2 x 180g fillets of white fish fillet (Such as sea bass, haddock, or halibut)

To Serve

  • Red shiso, to garnish
  • Chervil, to garnish
  • Garlic mayonnaise


  • In a large bowl, combine the beans, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, oregano, basil and olives with the extra virgin olive oil and white wine.
  • Seal all ingredients in an oven bag with the fish.
  • Cook in pre-heated oven at 220 °C for 15-20 minutes.

To Serve

Once cooked (about 15-20 minutes) place the bag on a plate, slit it open and garnish with red shiso and chervil. Serve with garlic mayonnaise.

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