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  2. There's a-more to Italian food than pizza and pasta
A variety of Italian food to suit your every mood

There's a-more to Italian food than pizza and pasta

When you think of Italian food, it's understandable if pizza and pasta are the first things to pop into your head. But while these aspects are key components in Italian cuisine, they are by no means the only dishes the country has to offer. From tender and tasty meats to satisfying seafood, there's bound to be something for you to enjoy to suit your every mood. Across Singapore you'll find an array of exciting different Italian food to try, and we've gathered a few of the best dishes together right here. 

1. They have a penchant for primi piatti

While Italian food is some of the best in the whole world, you'll often find that less is more. Simplicity is a fine art in Italian cuisine and at Mondo Mio they truly understand that. You'll find plenty of awesome appetisers on the menu, but the one we've been craving most is Caprese con Mozzarella di Bufala. The finest cheese around is served alongside slices of tomato. It's then finished up with basil - and that's it! Italians love their herbs and they're not afraid to use them. Oh, and this is vegetarian, too. Almost everyone can enjoy it.

2. Why not try chicken?

Jamie's Italian is famous all over the world, and its versatility is one of the features we admire about it best. Their Chicken Al Mattone is proof that chicken prepared Italian style is the best. So what is it, you ask? Free-range chicken is grilled to perfection under - of all things - a brick. This ensures the meat is especially tender and extra-moist. It's served up with a complementary and creamy wild mushroom sauce and lemony rocket, then dusted with a generous helping of parmesan. Because who doesn't love cheese?

3. The seafood is delicious

There's something about a Mediterranean inspired diet that lends itself to seafood in the very best way. Fish is really popular across the Italian nation and it's equally popular where the cuisine has spread worldwide. Zuppa di Pesce for two people at Atmastel is a perfect example of Italian-style fish. The ingredients they use are specially selected and market-fresh and you'll find them mixed with assorted seafood, all stewed in a tasty Mediterranean sauce. Finally, it's dished up with a little toasted garlic bread. Amazing.

4. Don't forget about dessert!

Last but not least, it's time for something sweet. Italians tend to have a sweet tooth and when you order Tipsy Tiramisu from Latteria, so will you. Desserts in Italy are rich, creamy and extremely high quality - and this one is no exception. Tiramisu gives you the very best of an already brilliant bunch. It contains coffee, sugar, mascarpone cheese and cocoa, so essentially all of the good stuff. Better still? It's soaked with alcohol. There are layers of goodness to discover here, but you won't truly appreciate it until you try it. 

There's more to Italian food than meets the eye - for starters, main courses or dessert, head to Deliveroo and discover a world of choice.

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