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  2. National Day fusion dishes we picked that are sure to pique your interest
National Day fusion dishes we picked that are sure to pique your interest

National Day fusion dishes we picked that are sure to pique your interest

This National Day, we see a flurry of attempts to infuse our local cuisine with another. "Fusion? More like confusion," you may think. But fret not, let us introduce you some fusion dishes that are bound to make you think, "What a wonderful inclusion!

A roll model for fusion dishesDeliveroo

 Nasi Lemak Roll - Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei has managed to perfectly harmonise classic Japanese cuisine with our local cuisine with their Nasi Lemak roll. Filled with crispy Tori Karaage and Cucumber, and snugly wrapped with spicy Otah and candied Baby Sardines, this roll is bound to wrap you up with happiness.

Rejoice this amazing marriage by Sushi Tei that is going at only $5.30 for a limited period from now till 9 Aug. To add on to the goodness, Sushi Tei has two additional dishes - Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab and Chilli Crab Seafood Croquette.

Laksa Pizza with laksa fun


Laksa Pizza - PizzaExpress

Ever wondered how Laksa and Pizza would taste like together?  Wonder no more with PizzaExpress's rendition of the Laksa Pizza. Topped with generous portions of seafood ranging from prawns, mussels, squid, clams to some local infusion of quail eggs, fried beancurd (tau pok) and homemade laksa sauce, this pizza is guaranteed to make every bite of yours filled with ohhh and ahhh.

At $5.30 less than its usual price, you can get to indulge your taste buds with the Laksa Pizza from PizzaExpress. Offers last from now until 12 Aug.

One bite and you're hooked Deliveroo

Singapore Fish & Chips - Fish & Co.

Honestly speaking, we do not think anything infused with chilli crab can go wrong. Likewise, this Singapore fish and chips doused in spicy-sweet homemade chilli crab sauce will make you exclaim 'Shiok ah!'. Be prepared to have a whale of a time savouring this seafood party accompanied by nothing but the best - crispy golden fries.

Get a taste of the sea with Fish & Co.'s Singapore Fish & Chips and also Chili Soft-shell Crab Pasta with $5.30 discount from now until 12 Aug.

Pasta that makes you go hei hei Deliveroo

Hei Bi Hiam Chicken Pasta - PastaMania

The idea of spicy fermented shrimp pasta may sound dubious at first, but trust us when we say we were  surprised ourselves when we tried it. This ingenious dish by PastaMania is a pioneering Singaporean twist  on Aglio Olio, topped with crispy chicken and broccoli – what a flavour blast! A balanced blend of savoury and spice, this pasta will definitely satiate your desire for novel flavours.

What are you waiting for? Pasta get this Hei Bi Hiam Chicken Pasta from PastaMania at $5.30 less than usual from now until 12 Aug.

Shellebrate with some crab saladDeliveroo

SaladStop! - Mini Oh Crab Lah! Salad

Eating healthy doesn't have to be bland and boring. Mixed with garden-fresh romaine lettuce, crab sticks, vermicelli, and refreshing cherry tomatoes, this salad is still missing something - chilli crab sauce. Add some zing to your dish with chilli crab sauce that packs the salad with a punch.

Scuttle on and get SaladStop!'s Mini Oh Crab Lah! Salad (what a cute name) for only $5.30 from now until 12 Aug.

Did your stomach just growl? Head over to Deliveroo to get these amazing fusion dishes. Eat more amazing.

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