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  2. Love Indonesian food? We've gone to Sambal central with these signature dishes
Indonesian Food Is Varied & Exciting - See for Yourself!

Love Indonesian food? We've gone to Sambal central with these signature dishes

We're huge fans of international cuisine and you can order dishes from just about everywhere. Just look at our Indian selection and the multitude of curry dishes and sides, our Italian selection of pizza, pasta and meats, the cuisines of everywhere from Japan to America... we could go on! Indonesian food is going global in a big way these days and, with plenty of dishes that you can order, it's easy for you to climb aboard. But what should we expect from Indonesian food? The cuisine is as vibrant as it is colourful, with a variety of different foods to try out. Each region has its own specialities, so whether you're enjoying a curry or fried rice, soup or street foods, you'll find something you're bound to enjoy. 

1. Rendang

The Minangkabau people of Indonesia really knew what they were doing when they invented this stuff, which is why rendang spread throughout the country first and then through the world. For those unfamiliar, rendang is spicy meat and it's typically very rich. Although it can be seen as a curry, it's far less sauce-based than most. We love the Sapi Rendang Set - made from beef - available at Cumi Bali. The beef has been marinated in spices until it all thickens and it goes perfectly with the rice and vegetables you get in the set. This is one to make both your eyes and your mouth water! 

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2. Nasi Goreng

If we're going to get technical, "nasi goreng" just means fried rice in a literal translation into English from Indonesian. Language lessons aside, all you need to know is that it's absolutely delicious and you're going to love it. At IndoBox, they specialise in the stuff and the Nasi Goreng Istemewa is something very special indeed. This popular dish on the menu involves adding a lightly fried egg alongside other extras into the mix. It's so good!

3. Mie Goreng

Popular throughout Malaysia, Brunei and of course Indonesia (and even Singapore), you simply cannot go wrong with mie goreng. The spicy fried noodle dish is insanely fragrant and infused with an eclectic range of flavours that you'll taste with each bite. Tambulah Mas's egg-fried noodle Mie Goreng is no exception - it's incredible from start to finish. 

4. Gado Gado

The one so nice they named it twice! Groan all you like, but once you try gado gado for yourself you'll see what we mean. It's also known as lodek, but that's not quite got the same ring to it. Enjoy an Indonesian salad of veggies, hard-boiled eggs, potatoes and fried tofu or tempeh. You'll also find lontong - a fresh rice cake - in the mix and it's all finished off with a peanut sauce. There's a lot going on - a kind of party for your mouth - but if you really want to go to town, we recommend the Gado Gado Ulek from IndoChili: it's even spicier thanks to the sambal paste the chefs throw in. Yum!

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Whether you're an Indonesian food connoisseur or a total newbie, find something you love now on Deliveroo.

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