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  2. You Can Find India’s Tastiest Tandoori Gems All Over Singapore!
4 Tasty Tandoori Dishes from India You Have to Try in Singapore

You Can Find India’s Tastiest Tandoori Gems All Over Singapore!

Some of the juiciest and most exciting tandoori recipes have come right from the heart of India and are ready to be delivered straight to your door. If you're craving something grilled and chock-full of traditional spices – something a bit different to your usual burger-y takeaway – you've come to the right place! We've put together some of the best Indian restaurants and their magnificent tandoori dishes available any day in Singapore.

1. Everyone's favourite – Butter Chicken Tandoori

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Starting off with a worldwide-favourite you can eat all week, Butter Chicken Tandoori is absolutely hypnotic and one of the most in-demand Indian dishes around the globe. Proudly served at Tandoori Corner, tender bits of chicken are cooked with garlic, butter chilli powder and a traditional cream tandoori sauce to produce the Butter Chicken Tandoori everyone knows and loves. A dish served hot out of the tandoor and packed to the brim with mouth-watering flavours, its heavenly aroma guaranteed to leave you in a state of bliss. So be sure to check it out – it's a meal you won't soon forget.

2. For those with a sweet tooth – Malai Chicken Tikka

Next on our list of marvels from India is none other than the Malai Chicken Tikka. Yet another gorgeous grilled beauty, this recipe consists of tender supreme chicken marinated in traditional spices as well as garlic, lemon, fresh chillies and malai, a cream popular in India. Sweet raisins and honey are added to the mix in addition to just the right amount of cardamom for that smooth wholesome flavour. Malai Chicken Tikka has made a name for itself among Asian-inspired favourites and for good reason. An authentic tandoori dish you just have to try, be sure to order your very own from The Curry Culture. You can trust them to hook you up with the best – curry is their speciality after all!

3. Spice it up – Haryali Chicken Tikka

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Daawat Tandoori is a delightful Indian restaurant that serves the rarely-found Haryali Chicken Tikka, another wonder from India you mustn't miss out on. Served in six pieces, boneless chicken is beautifully marinated in a minty sauce, Indian herbs and green spices before being grilled in the tandoor for that ultimate outer crisp. This delight has everything you need, from an earthy herbal mix of flavours to a wonderfully crispy texture in every bite. If you haven't had Haryali Chicken Tikka yet, now is the time to explore yet another magnificent product of the traditional tandoor.

4. And for the vegetarians – Paneer Tikka

If it's a veggie-friendly dish you want, need or crave, then Phoenix Indian Restaurant serves a gorgeous selection of vegetarian dishes, including a Tikka dish to delight. This cheese version of an all-time favourite is served hot and fresh from the tandoor and guaranteed to warm your heart and your belly. Thick cubes of paneer – an Indian cheese – are marinated in yoghurt and traditional spices creating a light, juicy and fantastic alternative to meat and chicken tandoori. Delivering a world of uplifting aromas and tastes, the Paneer Tikka is one to keep on your list of must-tries – even after you've tried it! If you're looking to enjoy some savoury Tandoori with a veggie-fuelled twist, Paneer Tikka is the perfect dish for you.

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