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Hearty Halal Food in Singapore? You Got It!

Hearty Halal Food in Singapore? You Got It!

Singapore is a melting pot of culinary traditions and a paradise on earth for any foodie. Here, you can find everything from traditional European dishes to Asian fusion. And of course, the intensely vibrant food scene in Singapore caters for every food restriction you might have, be it preference, allergen-based or cultural.

Today we explore the best places to have certified halal food on the go!

1.Uncle Penyet

Uncle Penyet specializes in penyet dishes and is famous for their signature sambal belachan chilli – the perfect balance of intense heat that makes you crave for more and offsets the warmth of the fried and smashed meat and the richness of their curry gravy. Their Nasi Ayam Penyet is legendary – one of the best smashed fried chicken thighs around.

But the real hero on the menu is their new special, Nasi Bebek Penyet: fried duck, coated in Indonesian-style marinade and served with fried tofu, fresh vegetables, their signature curry gravy and sambal belachan - and of course, the heavenly crunchy bits sprinkled on top that will make it hard for you not to order seconds. Fried on the spot to sheer perfection, with crispy skin and the meat inside still moist and juicy, and delivered in a tasteful wooden basket, everything about Uncle Penyet's signature dish makes you feel good about yourself. 

2.Bismillah Biryani

As you walk through the doors of Bismillah Biryani, you see two signs read "Singapore's Best Dum Biryani", and "Probably the best Biryani anywhere". A bold statement from this little biryani paradise located in Singapore's Little India, but the Michelin people agree, and so do we: the restaurant was listed on the Michelin Bib Gourmand Singapore Guide 2017, a rare honour that probably no other biryani restaurant has enjoyed before.

The Double Mutton Dum Biryani is biryani heaven and mutton-lovers will particularly enjoy the succulent taste of the tender mutton meat that falls off the bone. Accompanied with its signature rice, herbs and spices, the plate is packed with deliciousness and strong flavours. And you will probably be pleased to hear that Bismillah Biryani cares about your health too, as they strive to make their dishes as healthy as possible; so no more of that oily, orange-coloured rice drenched in thick gravy. At Bismillah Biryani, rice is kept simple and the flavour speaks for itself.


Craving a taste of that original Nasi Lemak? Then Crave is the place for you – they serve the original Adam Road Nasi Lemak by Selera Rasa and it really cannot get any better than that. Rumoured to be the Sultan of Brunei's favourite dish, the one that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had served to Indonesian President Joko Widodo when he visited Singapore, it is rightfully the most popular Nasi Lemak in Singapore - on busy nights, you can see people queue around the corner for it.

A robust combination of flavours revolving around their famous sambal chilli, crispy fried chicken wings, otah otah and their signature basmati rice – slightly atypical for a Nasi Lemak, but it definitely works. Their Otah Otah is filled with ground mackerel fish, moist and fresh, which elevates the whole dish to another level. 

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