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Singapore's Healthiest Cheat-Free Pizzas

Who says pizzas aren’t healthy? Check out these Singapore delights

Whoever told you healthy food can't compare to fried and fatty fast-food favourites couldn't be more wrong! With some of the healthiest and tastiest pizza toppings just right around the corner here in Singapore, you'll be able to enjoy these dishes to their utmost flavour without packing on the pounds. Be sure to check out these wonderful spots in Singapore and get your hands on some scrumptiously healthy alternatives tonight!

1. Vegeteriano Pizza - Lenas

Featuring Western classics such as burgers, pasta and of course, pizza, Lenas offers up the Vegeteriano for a dose of some much-needed vegetable goodness. As one of their signature dishes, the Vegeteriano is a hypnotic pizza with a full-blown garden of healthy goodness piled on top. Fresh black olives, crunchy bell peppers, rucola leaves, an assortment of mushrooms, onions, and even a pineapple for that sweet kick makes this the perfect pizza junk food fanatics and health lovers alike. If you're craving some vegetable goodness, be sure to check out the Vegeteriano for your next pizza night.

2. Create Your Own Pizza - O Mamma Mia

This casual Italian chain in Clementi Mall is where you should head to when the pizza craving strikes! 🍕 Prices start from just $3.90 a slice and a set (pizza + drink) only sets you back by $5.50. 😱 @omm.singapore makes their pizza dough from scratch in Italy, freezes them and ships to Singapore before baking them on the spot at the outlet, so this is as close as you can get to having authentic Italian pizza. You won't go wrong with Burppler Kar Yan Yeong's reccommendation of O Mamma Mia — crispy, thin-crusted slices generously topped with ham, mushrooms and egg. 🍳 For something more unusual, try the 5 Terre Pizza that comes with fresh Boletus mushrooms, homemade pesto sauce, tomatoes and a generous shower of finely shaved Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese. With fifteen pizza offerings and 5 pasta options, there's definitely something for everyone! 🍕🧀🍝 📷: Shared on Burpple by Burppler Kar Yan Yeong #Burpple #BurppleSG #BurppleSGValueForMoney Tap the link on our profile to download the NEW Burpple app 📲

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O Mamma Mia has every customer drooling in a pizza paradise with their delectable freshly-baked goods. The best part: you can make a signature pizza entirely of your own! The Create Your Own Pizza lets you grab as many fresh greens, like rocket and spinach, and combine them with some vitamin-packed protein such as shrimp, mussels, or other fresh seafood, and voila! Your very own delicious creation customized to your liking. With their easy to make pizzas, every healthy ingredient you choose will be generously topped onto your custom pie to ensure that boost of nutrition while still enjoying a terrifically tasty dish.

3. Garden State - The World Is Flat

The interestingly named pizza-makers The World Is Flat represent some of the most riveting and exciting pizzas around. Everything from Duck Confit to Parma Ham and more are available as toppings for your flavourful pizza. For a healthier option, go for the Garden State, a gorgeous vegetarian pizza with incredible fresh toppings such as deliciously roasted zucchinis, sweet potatoes, savoury squash and fantastic Gruyere and Brie cheeses for that spellbinding melted cheese addition.  Served on a puffy, crusty pizza base, you can control your urges and order it by the slice, or splurge for a whole pizza for maximum satisfaction, making this dish perfect for pretty much anyone regardless of diet.

4. Mushroom Assembly - Pizza Smith

Handmade pizza goodness comes out of every oven at Pizza Smith! Cooking up more wondrous and healthy pan pleasures, this spot will have you running to your phone to order more. The Mushroom Assembly includes an army of mushrooms like the mild yet crunchy Enoki variety, meaty Shiitake mushrooms, and more! With a traditional tomato base and fresh spinach to top it off, this pizza is loaded with all the veggie goodness you'll ever need.

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