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Start Your Day Right With These 4 Healthy, Filling Breakfasts

Healthy, Hearty And Filling - Four Breakfasts To Treat Your Taste Buds

Monday morning blues, lousy weather and a tickling cough at the back of your throat - some days just seem absolutely determined to get themselves off to a bad start. Ever find yourself struggling on the a.m. commute, stomach rumbling? Find it difficult to get through to lunchtime on only a black coffee and toast? Well, worry no more! We're here to help you start your day right; from bundled salad sandwiches to delicatessen pastries, we've gathered four of Singapore's healthiest breakfasts in one handy list below. Packed with nutrition, relish and only the best ingredients in town, these dishes will brighten your wake up and please even the most stubborn of taste buds.  

1. Acai Berry Bowl

We all have our personal tastes, our nuances, our flavours. Whether you like your breakfast at 7 a.m. or 11 a.m., whether you're one for brunch or lunch, Singapore's got something for everyone. How about an Acai Berry Bowl from the folks down at Foot Rebel? Fresh fruit is blended with acai, a purple, antioxidant rich berry, and topped with in-house granola and chia seeds mix for a health-dense sucker punch of vitamins, minerals and great taste. Not your thing? How does Rendang Eggs Benedict sound? Wash it down with one of Rebel's organic super smoothies or therapeutic teas and you'll be ready, set, and raring for the day ahead.  

2. Granola

Honey, cinnamon, granola, yoghurt and berries. An oh-so-simple combination but oh-so-scrumptiously delicious: this is dapper granola from the brilliant minds at Dapper Coffee. Full of fibre, zest and slow-burn carbs, one handy chunk is the perfect alternative to a daily buttered croissant. No mess, no crumbs, just the fresh crunch of perfectly blended ingredients.

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3. Breakfast Bundle

Saladstop! – it's in the name. Serving bowls, plates, caesars and tuna, these guys are experts when it comes to serving up healthy food that doesn't lack in flavour or substance. Their early morning breakfast bundles are tight wrapped sandwiches bound to fill anyone up to the brim. With three distinct options, there's plenty to choose from and plenty of variety. Don't like ham and cheese? Pick up a BLT instead. Maybe a veggie wrap? Drizzle all three with Greek yoghurt and you've got a balanced breakfast like no other. It's portable, it's tasty, and it's perfect for the commute.  

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4. Éclairs and Macarons

A healthy breakfast doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun. The chefs and bakers at PAUL can whip you up a tartlet, éclair or macaron in no time. Eaten in moderation and with an eye for fruit toppings, these glazed and toothsome treats are a light and fluffy alternative to the salads and berry bowls found up above. They're colourful, they're sweet and there's an endless amount of choice: think tarte aux abricots, au chocolat, aux framboises. Think raspberry macarons and vanilla macarons. Think yum. Eat alone or with the accompaniment of one of PAUL's great delicatessen sandwiches, with lean meat fillings and more veg besides.      

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