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  2. When it's a healthy lunch you need, set your break on fire with some tasty and unique ideas
A healthy lunch in Singapore need never be boring

When it's a healthy lunch you need, set your break on fire with some tasty and unique ideas

Sometimes "same old, same old" can get boring - and lunch is no exception. When you want to shake things up a bit, there are plenty of dishes out there to help you shake up your routine. But what about when you're trying to stay healthy? Luckily you can do that too. A healthy lunch Singapore style is totally compatible with the stuff that's good for body and mind, so you can have it both ways: try something creative and different, without feeling guilty. What will it be? Bento or bao? Soup or salad? Whatever you fancy, let us inspire you to turn it up a notch.

1. Try something spicy

They say variety is the spice of life and - well, we meant it when we said you should spice things up a bit! Thai food is perfect for this and there are almost always choices that are light enough for lunch. We'd recommend opting for Tom Kha Chicken Coconut Soup from Thai Affair if you're not exactly sure what you want. Coconut is the perfect, healthy partner in crime to the fresh chicken and it's more than enough to fill you up. Better still, it's creamy without being heavy. So you can stay satisfied without giving up on your health goals.

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2. Or maybe you want vegetarian

Ditching the meat can do wonders for your body, if you're not vegetarian already. Even if you can't cut out meat from your diet entirely, there's absolutely no harm in doing it just once. Meat-free meals tend to be lighter, and they're often packed full of nutrients. The Stuffed Veggie from Real Food is no exception to this rule. It boasts stuffed capsicum with a carrot and beetroot patty, served alongside mashed potato and fresh greens. You're still enjoying something substantial and tasty, with far fewer worries!

3. Give seafood a go

For a truly healthy option, seafood is the way to go. Seafood is low in fat, high in protein and absolutely full of key vitamins and nutrients. But if you're on your lunch break, nobody wants you to heat up the stuff in the microwave! New Ubin Seafood have got you covered and thanks to them you can order it right to your desk. Different, as well as quite light, is their Sri Lankan Crab. You can choose to have it seasoned with black pepper, salted egg - or you can even make it chilli crab.

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4. Or perhaps try gluten-free

Some people see going gluten-free as kind of a fad, but it can often be a good thing. Too much gluten can lead to bloating or stomach issues and nobody wants that! Plentyfull is offering you another chance to indulge in all the nutrients that seafood has to offer, with the added kick of garlic and all its health benefits. With their Grilled Prawns in Spicy Garlic you truly can have it all and, what's more, it's fully gluten-free.

No matter what kind of lunch you're looking for, there are plenty of options on Deliveroo.

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