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  2. When you're after healthy fast food, Singapore has got the goods in a range of exotic side dishes
4 Healthy fast food side options in Singapore

When you're after healthy fast food, Singapore has got the goods in a range of exotic side dishes

If you want healthy fast food Singapore style, you don't need to look far. Rather than changing your entire eating regime, simply switch up your sides instead. Even seemingly unhealthy American meals can be transformed entirely by making just a few substitutions, so you can enjoy the same great dishes. So as delicious as they are, we're showing you how to ditch the loaded fries from time to time and opt for something lighter instead. And there's not a boring salad in sight!

1. Swap regular fries for sweet potato fries

The classic healthy "bit on the side" has to be the humble yet brilliant sweet potato fry. Exploding onto the food scene a few years ago, the regular potato's orange cousin has well and truly made its mark. If you're in the mood for fries but daunted by the idea of piling on the pounds, these babies are a fantastic compromise. Speaking of compromises, Real Food dishes up Organic Potato Wedges, which combine white potato and sweet. They're then seasoned with herbs, pepper and salt. Organic and healthy? You really can't go wrong!

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2. Munch on carrot and celery sticks

We said there's no salad on the list, but that's not to exclude the hardcore health nuts. There's nothing in the world that could be healthier than Carrot & Celery Sticks from Wing Zone, served with a blue cheese dressing or house ranch. The pair not only complement each other but combine perfectly with the Zone's range of wings as well. The benefit here is that carrots have zero carbs and celery is essentially calorie free. But don't forget you've still got the dressing to perk things up! So the next time you're in a rush and you're getting clucking hungry, you don't need to ditch on that diet.

3. Corn is the cream of the crop

We don't mean to get corny, but we seriously love the stuff and you can still get your BBQ fix without having to worry about your weight: the coals add that flame roasted flavour and it can also be dressed up however you like, so it never feels dull. At Meat Smith you can add some delicious BBQ Corn on the side of your chosen your meat. It's loaded with antioxidants - so your body will be grateful - and then you've got the added benefit that it just tastes really, really good prepared the way these guys serve it.

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4. Get mushy for mushrooms

Fine, we declared our love for corn already - but that doesn't mean we've got no room for mushrooms. They make the perfect addition to a tasty meal, something that Cajun on Wheels has certainly found out. And, what's more, mushrooms are pretty healthy in their own right too. Sure, their Fried Mushrooms are - well, indeed - fried, but that just makes them extra yum. The point remains that a fried mushroom is better than fried anything else. Mushrooms are good for us, and we're so onboard with that.

You can still be naughty and treat your body, too, by selecting some far healthier sides from Deliveroo!

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