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  2. The Greek restaurant scene in Singapore isn't a tragedy, it's triumphant!
The Greek Restaurant Scene In Singapore Isn't a Tragedy, It's Triumphant!

The Greek restaurant scene in Singapore isn't a tragedy, it's triumphant!

Singapore is home to such an eclectic mix of food, it's so hard to choose a cuisine that reigns supreme in this multicultural foodie haven. There really is something to suit everyone's tastes. Here we've compiled a list of some of the best Greek restaurants on offer. Of course, you can have all these delivered right to your door with Deliveroo, where all the best Greek dishes are only a mouse click away.

1. Blu Kouzine

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The cuisine at Blu Kouzine is hard to beat, and for that reason, we've selected it in our recent top picks. Each bite of the vibrant, Mediterranean-sourced dishes on the menu transports you to the Greek coast. One of the most succulent offerings are the jumbo prawns, which are lightly marinated and then grilled to perfection. They also have an exquisite octopus which is bursting with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12. For seafood lovers, this restaurant is a special treat.  

2. Gyromania

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The idea behind Gyromania is to bring authentic Gyros Souvlaki to Singapore. They use the best and finest ingredients available and serve up traditional Greek mains and sides. One of the highlights on offer here is the moussaka, which is made with the usual eggplant, potato, and minced chicken, but it stands out for its incredibly rich béchamel sauce. Other great options to try include the Gyromania Mix Meze and the Spanakopita.  

3. Ergon Greek Deli & Café

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Ergon is one of the most famous and world-renowned Greek restaurant chains in existence, and the brand is present in major cities all over the globe including London, Brussels, and Miami. They aim to supply quality Greek gastronomy, drawing upon traditional techniques and recipes, and combine those with added aesthetic quality. There are some exceptional varieties of pesto on offer, including pesto with gruyere and pesto with feta. With this awesome Greek deli, you can either order prepared foods or get hold of quality ingredients to cook with at home.

4. Summerlong

Summerlong aims to provide customers with a summer vibe accompanied by Mediterranean soul. It is a self-professed beachside café, without the beach. What the owners mean by this is that it is incredibly casual and relaxed, and the kind of place you can kick back and unwind for a few hours. The menu has a heavy focus on sharing dishes, with things like a Greek-style burratina, sweetcorn and goats' cheese fritters, sherry vinegar sardines, and chargrilled octopus. There are also some tantalising dips on offer, such as lemon and garlic hummus, roasted sweet potato and chilli hummus, and a fava bean puree. In addition to all this, there are mouth-watering side dishes available, including charred eggplant, spiced broccoli, roasted Brussel sprouts, and harra French fries. Whether eating at the chilled out restaurant or ordering for a party at home, these Greek sharing plates are ideal for enjoying with friends.

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