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Singapore's Tastiest Vegetarian Greek Dishes

A veggie taste of Greece, Singapore-style

Moussaka, kleftiko, souvlaki sometimes it can seem like all Greek cuisine has been perfected with only meat-eaters in mind. But vegetarians, never fear, because we're claiming back some of the menu just for you. Next time you order from a Greek restaurant in Singapore, you'll know there will be plenty of meat-free options on offer.

Some are grilled, some are fried and some are roasted but they all have one thing in common – they're absolutely delicious. Once you taste them, you're sure to be transported, in your mind at least, to an idyllic Greek island with the sea to one side of you and olive groves to the other. Singapore is full of inspiring and vegetarian Greek dishes waiting on your delectation. So read on, salivate and enjoy.

1. Gemista at Gyromania

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The humble tomato plays a very large part in a lot of Mediterranean cuisine, from the pasta sauces of Italy to the ratatouille of France. So it's not surprising that the tomato is the star ingredient in this mouthwatering veggie treat from Gyromania. They take a large beefsteak tomato along with sweet peppers and stuff them with rice and herbs before roasting them to a beautiful softness in the oven. Then, to finish the dish, they serve it with a handsome slice of feta cheese on the side.

2. Spanakopita from Alati

You may not have heard of a spanakopita before but you'll probably have tasted one of the many variants of this classic pie in the past – there are versions in every kind of cuisine from Turkish to Lebanese as well as Greek.  At Alati, the filing is an enticing mix of feta cheese, spinach, leeks and traditional Greek herbs like thyme and oregano which is then wrapped in a number of layers of filo pastry before being deep-fried to crispy perfection.

3. Roasted Vegetables on Sourdough from Ergon Greek Deli and Café

If you want an open sandwich with a difference then this could be for you, especially if you're looking for a quick lunch from the Ergon Greek Deli and Café. It's a crunchy slice of sourdough smothered in roasted vegetables including tomatoes, peppers and eggplant with savoury feta cheese and Kalamata olives too. Try it, we think that you'll like it.

4. Talagani Wrap at Blu Kouzina

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The chefs at Blu Kouzina take a fresh pitta bread and wrap it around talagani cheese – a Greek version of halloumi – as well as tomatoes, onions and their special vegetarian blu sauce to create a wrap that's out of this world. If you're not the biggest fan of cheese they also do a vegetarian version with grilled vegetables, tomatoes, tzatziki and paprika.

5. Sweetcorn and Goat's Cheese Fritters from Summerlong

Summerlong's sweetcorn and goat's cheese fritters are a beautiful combination of the crunchiness of the fritter and the softness of the cheese which makes for a very moreish snack. Plus, to add an extra layer of subtly-spiced creaminess into the mix, they also come with cardamom-infused yoghurt on the side.

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