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Great Places To Get Fried Chicken In Singapore

6 great places to get fried chicken in Singapore

Fried chicken has come a long way over the last few years, and today you'll find it jazzed up with all sorts of different flavours and cuisines. From American-inspired sauces and sides to Korean tones from a bit closer to home, there are loads of great places to get fried chicken here in Singapore.

1. Charcoal Pit

If you're in the need of some serious comfort food, and can't decide between fried chicken and a burger, the Charcoal Pit is the place for you. Their whimsically named Hot Chick bundles in a fried chicken thigh with hot sauce and cabbage slaw for the ultimate takeaway treat. Amp things up further by adding on a side of Chili-Cheese Fries.

Where: Charcoal Pit, Six Avenue/ Holland Road

2. Chicken Clinic

If you like things spicy, we prescribe a visit to Chicken Clinic. They list their sauces in terms of heat here, ranging from a milder Level 1 to the all-out fiery Level 3. We love the Black Sesame Fried Chicken – that comes in at a respectable Level 2 – for all of those classic Korean flavours, but we also can't get over the 'SUPER Spicy' Dak Gangjeong for when we're after something a bit different.

Where: Chicken Clinic, Upper Thomson Road

3. Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

Variety is the name of the game at Chir Chir, you'll find all sorts different and exciting flavour combinations here. From their Honey Butter Chicken to their spicy take topped with almond flakes, you'll sure find something new to try. We love the Garlicky Tenders, sprinkled with crispy garlic flakes for a dish that really packs a punch.

Where: Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, five locations across Singapore

4. Oven Fried Chicken

While we all know that fried chicken isn't the most virtuous of treats, Oven Fried Chicken offer up a healthier take on this notoriously naughty dish. They only use vegetable oil here, so the chicken retains that tenderness that we all know and love, but it's a bit better for you than the traditional cooking method. So opt for wings, boneless thighs, or go for the Fried Original Whole for 14 pieces of mixed goodness, and dip away in their spicy Korean dips.

Where: Oven Fried Chicken, three locations across Singapore

5. Twins

Although these guys only opened their doors in 2015, they've already made their mark on the Singapore foodie scene. Just check out their Spicy Dakgangjung, where boneless chicken is met with a fried rice cake and a zingy sweet and sour sauce.

Where: Twins, Tanjong Pagar

6. Wolf Burger

Wolf Burger might not sound like where you'd head for some of fine fried chicken, but think again. Their Fried Chicken Burger is something a bit special – you'll find chicken that's been deeply marinated in buttermilk before being sizzled up, and paired with salted egg mayo and a homemade slaw.

Where: Wolf Burger, locations in Changi Business Park and Suntec City

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