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The Milkshakes That Are Shaking Up Singapore

Get on the trail of the best milkshake in Singapore

Imagine a world without milkshakes – one where you couldn't round off a meal with a huge glass filled with milk, ice cream, chocolate, caramel, fruit and all those other sweet treats that make it such a favourite.

Great at any time of day but especially as the way to round off a fantastic meal, there's just one question to deal with. What are the very best versions of this delectable dessert and whereabouts in Singapore are you going to find them.

With so many restaurants offering so many different kinds, whether you go for the plain and simple or the deliciously flavour-filled varieties, it's all but impossible to come up with the definitive list. But, while you're trying to figure it out for yourself, here are four great versions of the milkshake to start you off.

1. ChocoLoco - Haakon SuperFoods and Juice

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If you ever needed proof that milkshakes can be a little healthy as well as being delicious, here it is, courtesy of Haakon SuperFoods and Juice. It's one of their speciality smoothies and, once you taste it, you'll soon see why it's so special. That's because it's a delicious blend of pure cocoa, banana, skinny milk, chia seeds, and probiotic yoghurt that manages to be both deliciously sweet and incredibly satisfying too.

2. Caramel Macchiato Shake - Empire State

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Here's a milkshake that would be outstanding even in the country that invented the sweet treat. It's one of a fantastic choice from Empire State and includes milk and vanilla ice cream blended with caramel and espresso coffee to give a great caffeine kick. If you're not a coffee fan, then their Oreo Chocolate Nutty Chip is a great alternative that's just as delicious.

3. Thick Malt Shakes - Fatboys

Sometimes plain and simple's just what you want and, if that's the case, then the three great malt shakes on offer from Fatboys should be a perfect choice. Whether you go for the vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry versions, you'll soon find out just how delicious these malty treats can be. In fact, the only issue could be just how much effort you need to drink the thick shakes through a straw. But when you've managed it,  you're sure to agree it was well worth the effort.

4. Milo Jurassic Park - Prince of Tampines

There's a very good reason why Prince of Tampines is seen as one of the very best places in Singapore to enjoy dessert and, if you treat yourself to their Milo Jurassic Park, you'll discover for yourself why it's been such a monster success for them. As they say, "it looks good, feels good, and is even more awesome" thanks to the fantastic combination of milo, Oreos, and choco. Plus, if you want to combine a tasty shake with breakfast, they even do a version with cornflakes too.

Go on. Shake things up a little with one of these delicious choices, all available through Deliveroo.

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