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Heard it on the Grapevine that These Places Serve Gorgeous Grapes

Hear what's in our grapevine with these great grape treats

We're kind of hooked on grapes because we're super into wine. But it's not just drinking them... we love eating them too. This fruit from the grapevine should never be overlooked. When being used for food they offer a fruity, satisfying addition in contrast to meat or other fruit and veg. Equally, they produce fabulously smooth wines for all tastes (and we like the way they make us feel!).

You see, there's nothing not to like about grapes. They can allow chefs to get extra creative or simply show us that you can't beat getting back to basics and serving them straight up. So here's where can grapes be found on Deliveroo in Singapore and some tips on how you can make them work for every course when you're dining in.

1. Starter - Warak Areesh (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

Kicking your grape feast off nicely should entail ordering Warak Areesh. For those not in the know, that simply means "stuffed grape leaves". Specialising in Lebanese and Middle Eastern fare, Qasr Grille & Mezze Bar brings this tradition to Singapore in the very best way. The leaves are stuffed with rice and tomatoes and then seasoned with mint and parsley - and the result is a taste beyond the realms of excellence.

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2. Wine Course - Masson-Blondelet Sancerre

If you love a good glass of wine with dinner, you're not alone - and you have a fantastic array from which to choose. These days, you don't need to go far to get a glass (or bottle). At Wine Connection, for example, you're spoiled for choice. However, if you're going for the chicken, perhaps choose a white as it pairs really well white meat. Consider something crisp like a Sauvignon Blanc. The fresh sleekness of the likes of Masson-Blondelet Sancerre and its acidity offsets the Mexican spice in our next dish really well. All hail the grape!

3. Main - Chicken Adobo Taco

Mexican might not be the first cuisine that springs to mind when you're thinking of grapes, but that's not stopping La Salsa. The Chicken Adobo Taco comes in a soft tortilla and it's crammed with tender chicken marinated in an adobo rub. It's then finished off with a unique chipotle grape sauce alongside some pickled onions. Oh, it's amazing - you can never go wrong with a tasty, tender meat in a sweet, contrasting sauce.

4. Dessert - Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is incredibly versatile but Cafe Melba is keeping it simple with a serving of healthy Fresh Fruit. Whether you order it for breakfast or as a light dessert, this plate-up of melon and berries is right up there when it comes to grape satisfaction. Getting our grape fix the way that nature intended is an amazingly tasty experience - a fresh palate cleansing to round off a meal.

Sometimes though, dessert isn't necessarily about sweet treats - it can be about slightly more naughty ones instead! Why not treat yourself to another cheeky glass of wine to round off the night?

Grapes are great no matter how they're served - in liquid form or even as your lunch. Take your pick on Deliveroo.

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