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5 Amazing Ramen Dishes for Noodle Lovers in Singapore

Love Noodles? Try These 5 Robust Ramen Dishes In Singapore

Getting hold of a top-quality Ramen noodle dish in Singapore is now easier than ever before. You can choose from classic noodle soup dishes or else opt for something a little bit different with unusual ingredients and unique styles. With such a vibrant Japanese restaurant scene in Singapore you can choose from exciting home delivery options such as the following.

1. Shiromaru Motoaji


The Ippudo Ramen at River Valley Road gives Ramen lovers an easy way to get hold of some fantastic noodle dishes whenever they feel like it. Among the highlights on the menu here is the tasty and extremely popular Shiromaru Motoaji. This dish comes with their original Tonkotsu broth and is accompanied by thin noodles, bean sprouts, pork loin, black mushroom and shallots, all making up a wonderful combination of flavours and textures. Other Ramen dishes at this restaurant well worth a try include Akamaru Shinaji, Karaka Men and Tori Shoyu.

2. Karaage Ramen


The Yoshinoya restaurant in Sim Lim Square offers two different Ramen dishes at the time of writing; these are called Beef Ramen and Karaage Ramen. The latter option is especially tempting with fried crispy chicken chunks that have been marinated in their special seasoning and then drizzled in Teriyaki sauce. The chicken is served with delicious Japanese Ramen noodles and a great broth. Other dishes here include dainty meals, breakfast sets and bowls.

3. Special Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

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If you are looking for something nice and spicy then you can't go wrong with the Special Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen from Ramen Champion. This dish is a spicy pork bone broth served with Ramen noodles. There is also a non-spicy version that you might prefer if you don't want the extra kick with your noodles. Other Ramen dishes here include Special Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu Ramen, King of God Ramen and Sapporo Special Miso Ramen.

4. Hiyashi Ramen

Cool down with a bowl of the Hiyashi Ramen at the Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant. This dish consists of chilled noodles which is perfect for a hot, steamy Singapore day. Among the wide and varied selection of fascinating Japanese dishes you can find on the menu, be sure to also check out the Yaki Udon fried noodles and the Kake Soba / Udon which is made up of plain soup noodles. You might like to try the extensive selection of Sake drinks from the menu too.

5. Tantan-men


This Chinese-inspired noodle dish is a fine choice when you want to enjoy some Ramen goodness but with something a bit different. You can find it in Takagi Ramen at Pines Foodcourt. With this meal you get marinated shredded pork, peanuts and spring onions on top of a spicy Tonkotsu noodle soup. As you would expect, there are several other interesting Ramen meals on the menu, such as Mazemen, Jiajia-men and Chashu-men which you should definitely have on your ramen wishlist.

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