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4 Tasty Treats That Show Gluten Free Doesn't Mean Fun Free

Singapore's Best Gluten-free Lunches… Because Gluten Free Doesn't Have To Mean Fun Free!

It can be a pain trying to navigate your way around a gluten-free diet when you're going to a restaurant, especially if your favourite foods are juicy burgers in brioche buns and penne in a creamy sauce. Thankfully, attitudes surrounding gluten intolerance have changed in recent years meaning some wheat-free wonders have hit the mainstream. Restaurants are beginning to adapt menus and there are some great restaurants for gluten-free eaters, whether you're craving carbs or planning on eating clean. And luckily for you, we've rounded up a whole bunch of them.

1. Living Cafe – Classic Greek Wholewheat Wrap

The Living Cafe specialises in delicious vegetarian food. Many people are turning to a vegetarian lifestyle in order to lead a healthy life, some are doing away with gluten too. A lot of gluten-free eaters find eating bread makes them feel sluggish making it feel difficult to get through the afternoon which is why Living Cafe specialises in tasty, gluten-free lunches. For a healthy lunch fix that will keep you satisfied until dinner, you should try one of their wraps. They're packed with salad and veggies, as well as olives and goats cheese and seasoned with a balsamic reduction. And no bloated sluggishness, so you've got room to finish off with one of the Living Cafe's raw desserts!

2. TIANN'S – TIANN'S Breakfast

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TIANN'S are purveyors of delicate food. Don't be mistaken, this whole earth, gluten-free, instagramable experience is still as decadent as any other, however TIANN'S ethos focuses on indulgence that's good for the body and soul. Their bread is baked in house and their rice loaf is a great gluten-free alternative. Paired with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs it makes a great brunch option and, to sweeten the deal, all of TIANN'S breakfasts are served with a choice of hot organic tea. One thing is for sure, after a dish from TIANN'S you'll feel as though you have served your body well. Brunch for wellbeing? We like it.

3. Kitchen by Food Rebel – Zoodle Bolognese

Feel yourself craving pasta but not sure whether you can cope with the bloat? The Zoodle Bolognese at Kitchen by Food Rebel will satisfy that hankering by serving up a healthy helping of zuccini noodles. A double whammy, this curbs the craving and gives you a vitamin hit that'll leave you feeling pretty smug for the rest of the day. The restaurant specialises in healthy foods and once you've tried the Zoodles, there's no question that you'll want to go back and try the rest of the menu. If you're a smoothie fiend, why not grab a fruity drink, too, to keep you powering through the midmorning slump?

4. Pololi – Kama'aina Poké Bowl

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We're sure by now that you're versed in the world of poké. Sushi's Hawaiian cousin burst on to the scene as a raw and healthy salad alternative with all of the goodness of sushi but – if you prefer – without the rice. At Pololi you can pick your base, dressing and the poké to create your perfect dish. The best thing about it is the majority of ingredients are gluten-free so it doesn't feel like you're making substitutions. Choose from rice or salad for your base and then from a huge selection of fish toppings. Watch everyone in the office turn green with envy as you enjoy your delicious poke bowl.

Got your mouth watering? Head on over to Deliveroo to discover more delicious gluten-free lunches.

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