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  2. Put the sauce back into soy with these fusion sushi dishes
Put the Sauce Back into Soy with these Fusion Sushi Dishes

Put the sauce back into soy with these fusion sushi dishes

Sushi is no longer food for the Japanese elite as it once was, but has now become a favourite across the world - and Singapore is no exception. There are so many kinds of sushi to choose from that there is something to suit everyone's tastes. As sushi has found its way into kitchens and stomachs all around the globe, people have put their own spin on it to make even more unique and tasty combinations. Let's look at some of these fusion sushi dishes you really need to try.

1. Sweet Potato and Cream Cheese Roll

The sushi over at Seoul Roll is all inspired by Korean cuisine and ingredients. There are so many tasty options to choose from which use Korean staples like kimchi and burdock root which make the perfect sushi rolls. Try out their Sweet Potato and Cream Cheese Roll for something a little different. It may not seem like a typical sushi option, but the flavours complement each other perfectly and will keep you reaching for more.

Where: Seoul Roll, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore.

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2. Roasted Foie Gras Handroll

Itacho Sushi serves such a diverse range of sushi that it can be hard to choose what to go for! They have every kind of sushi you could hope for, so it comes as no surprise that they even serve a Roasted Foie Gras Handroll. This luxurious French cuisine has been combined into a Japanese sushi roll and it works very well. It's well worth a try so be sure to get your hands on them for your next sushi fix.

Where: Itacho Sushi, The Star Vista, Singapore.

3. Beyond Philly

Most good sushi places will have their own signature sushi dishes that are specific to that restaurant and the Standing Sushi Bar is no exception. They have an entire section on their menu dedicated to their speciality rolls, each one with a quirky name given to it. Their Beyond Philly roll is pretty much your typical sashimi roll with salmon sashimi and avocado. However, it is wrapped with torched cheese and salmon roe to add a cheesy bite to the roll. Maybe you aren't used to having cheese with your sushi, but this roll makes you wonder why it isn't used in sushi more often!

Where: Standing Sushi Bar, Queen Street, Singapore.  

4. Hot Chick

The geniuses over at Sushi Burrito have perfect the combination of Mexican and Japanese, two of the world's best cuisines, to make their sushi burritos. When you think about it, sushi and burritos aren't too different from each other, they are only slightly different, so by pairing the different flavours you get a taste explosion that will blow your mind. Try out the Hot Chick, a sushi burrito using spicy chicken, lettuce, purple cabbage, cucumber, carrot, coriander and spicy togarashi powder to give it an extra kick. If you're into spice you'll be really into this dish!

Where: Sushi Burrito, Tras Street, Singapore.

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Sushi is one of the best foods out there, so these flavour combinations are only adding to the hype that isn't going away any time soon. Be sure to grab one of these awesome sushi dishes next time you need to get your sushi fix and you won't be turning back.

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