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  2. Brunch doesn't need to be boring - The four best fusion omelettes in Singapore
Start your day the healthy way with an awesome omelette

Brunch doesn't need to be boring - The four best fusion omelettes in Singapore

Omelettes tick all the boxes when it comes to healthy yet filling food that will kick-start your day in all the right ways. Eggs are actually a superfood with a whole host of nutritional properties, including vitamins and nutrients, yet not so many calories. They aren't limited to just one kind of cuisine - you'll find them everywhere from health food cafes to top Japanese restaurants. And of course, this allows chefs to get super creative. Fusion food creations have it all! So if you enjoy a healthy array of meats, seafood and greens - have a read on to see where you can order the very best omelette for brunch!

1. Super Green Omelette - Cedele

​You gotta get those greens right? Cedele knows it and so should you. Don't worry - the Super Green Omelette makes being healthy super easy, so it doesn't need to be a stress. Get a load of this - it gets its colouring from spinach, but there's lots more to it. There's sauteed onions, zucchini, avocado and feta, as well as pine nuts, lingonberry orange chutney as well. If you want something a little naughty, it's got that, too - pink Himalayan salt butter - although still the healthiest kind of salt - gives it an edge. It's then served up with a nice slice of rosemary focaccia. Super green? More like super keen!

2. Prawn Omelette - Ah Orh Seafood 

Prawns are a low-fat source of protein, making them the perfect addition to any omelette. Their delicious taste balances the egg perfectly and at Ah Orh Seafood, the Prawn Omelette is a particularly popular dish. They specialise in seafood, locally caught and incredibly fresh. If you're looking for a treat that's low in calories, laden with vitamins and amazing at reducing your chance of heart disease (yeah, really) - then look no further. Yum.

3. Jumbo Mambo Shrooms - Monster Curry 

Wow, Monster Curry knows how to go all out. If you've got a bit of an appetite but you still want something that's good for you,  the Jumbo Mambo Shrooms from Monster Curry make the perfect selection. As part of their "fiesta" menu, the dish makes for an eclectic party in your mouth. Featuring jumbo prawns, shimeji mushrooms hailing from East Asia and a crisp salad; the omelette part is only a small piece of a puzzle - which is solved immediately upon just a taste.

4. Katsu Toji Set - Tonkichi 

Fusion food makes for the dish of the day at Tonkichi, and their Japanese-meets-Western style omelettes are the very best. If you love a hearty bit of pork loin, you're going to absolutely adore the Rosu Katsu Toji Set. The pork itself is simmered and immersed in the omelette, and then it's time for the secret ingredient. It may be "just" soy sauce - but it's an extra-special kind, that's for sure. Need a great way to start your day off just right? Look no further - you found it!

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