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  2. Roasted, Sautéed, Fried, Baked – Cooked Singaporean Sushi Dishes To Seduce Your Valentine
Sushi Tei to Kinsa Sushi – Singapore’s Best Cooked Valentine Sushi

Roasted, Sautéed, Fried, Baked – Cooked Singaporean Sushi Dishes To Seduce Your Valentine

If you're planning a romantic night in for Valentine's, then ordering a platter of sushi might be just the thing for your meal for two. But what if your valentines date is not a fan of raw food? Singapore's got a huge range of sushi restaurants serving excellent cooked foods. We've taken a few dishes from restaurants like Sushi Tei and Kinsa Sushi to show you the variety of sushi that's out there, all of which Deliveroo can bring to you.

A platter is a great choice when you're not too familiar with the different kinds of sushi that are out there, as you get a taste of everything during the meal. You may discover there are some sushi dishes you like more than others and maybe your Valentine will too. Don't forget that sushi can be enhanced by the addition of soy sauce and searingly spicy Wasabi sauce – a Japanese version of mustard. Sushi aficionados will dip their sushi in a little soy and smear a dab of wasabi on each piece before they eat it. However, there are no set rules – just eat your sushi the way you like it best!

1. Special Unagi Roll

For people who've never tried sushi, they may imagine that it's always made with raw toppings such as raw fish. However, certain sushi toppings are always cooked – eel (also known as unagi and anago), for instance. Grilled squid (ika), octopus (tako) and shrimp (ebi) are other examples of cooked sushi ingredients. For a first-time taste of sushi, a dish such as the Special Unagi Roll from Sushi Tei is a great place to start. It's an omelette and cucumber sushi roll that's topped with roasted eel (unagi).

2. Chuka Idako Gunkan


Warship sushi have become increasingly popular in recent years and those new to sushi might assume that these are different from normal maki rolls. However, it's actually more about the shape than the constituent ingredients – when you look at these sushi, they have been formed into a gunboat. The rice is moulded into an oval shape and then has a strip of Nori wrapped around it, before being topped with softer toppings that might fall off a normal piece of sushi. Try the Chuka Idako Gunkan – a perfectly seasoned and cooked octopus topping – from Sakae Sushi. It's available on its own or as part of a platter.

3. Roasted Salmon Sushi

If your Valentine might be squeamish about eating raw fish, play safe with a choice such as roasted salmon sushi from Itacho. There's a piece of roasted salmon placed delicately on top of the sushi rice. Try it on its own, with Cod Fish Caviar or even with cheese. This is just one of the roasted sushi options at Itacho – there are others to sample such as roasted foie gras, pork, squid and bluefin tuna sushi.

4. Sushi Burrito

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Maybe you find the idea of individual sushi pieces too fussy, in which case we have the solution for you. At Kinsa Sushi, as well as traditional sushi and sashimi, they also offer Sushi Burritos – much bigger pieces that resemble a wrap or burrito. Try the Teri Chicken Burrito – a long seaweed paper roll filled with Kinsa's trademark purple rice and traditional Teriyaki Chicken so you can avoid the raw fish. This one's definitely a good idea if your chopstick skills aren't up to scratch and you want a Valentine's supper that's easy to pick up and eat!

Whether you want a few different plates of sushi or the easier option of a platter for you and your Valentine to share, you can order them all with Deliveroo.

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