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Naan or Rice? Top 4 Sides for your Indian Curry in Singapore

From Fragrant Basmati Rice To Crispy Naan - The Ultimate Companions For Your Indian Curry

If there is one cuisine that everyone loves and that involves all the senses, it is Indian food. Spicy undertones provide tickling tastes, fragrant herbs elevate even the most humble ingredients, vegetables and meat embrace in a colourful co-existence. Thousands of years of culinary wisdom make for some of the most wholesome combinations that you can find. And, of course, it's not all about the main dish: the perfect carby companions to your favourite Indian curry make sure you get all the nutritional value you need while helping you make the most of it by mopping up that mouth-watering curry sauce. From classic rice to unusual types of naan, these are the top choices!

1. Paratha

Naan may be the go-to, but the most exciting alternative is paratha: unleavened bread that is usually shallow fried after baking. Its name comes from the words parat and atta, denoting layers of cooked dough. It is usually thicker than naan and more substantial as an accompaniment to your curry. Paratha is traditionally made from whole wheat and in Royal Indian you will find interesting versions like Pudina Paratha flavoured with mint or Methi Paratha flavoured with fenugreek.

2. Naan

That said, if you want to stick to your guns and tradition you can't go wrong with a good naan. This leavened flatbread is cooked in the oven and quickly captured the attention of foodies everywhere. It provides the perfect vessel to carry that rich curry sauce and gives you enough carbs to accompany your main. But most of all, when you break a naan to share it across the table you get that kind of communal feeling of eating together that is so typical of Indian culture. If you cannot get enough of one flavour, no worries: in Le Rida you can get a Mixed Naan Basket – a combo of plain, butter, garlic and sesame naan – so you don't have to choose!


3. Rice

Rice is a staple of Indian cuisine and it's widely used across the varied plates of this vast country. It is held in high esteem, as it is easy to grow and store and combines high nutritional value with deep flavour and simplicity. Yet its preparations are far from simple: rice can be savoury or sweet, perfectly boiled or fried, a main in its own right or the ideal, soothing accompaniment to a lovely plate of hot curry. In Delhi Restaurant you can find basmati rice done properly and with care: from plain to Jeera basmati rice that is flavoured with cumin, all the way to Kashmiri Pulao – fragrant basmati rice infused with saffron strands and dried fruit. Soak up your curry sauce in style.

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4. Kulcha

Kulcha is another variation of naan, semi leavened and typically made from Maida flour. It is immensely popular in Punjabi cuisine and is traditionally served plain with a succulent curry. In recent years, cooks have been experimenting with adding stuffing such as paneer or vegetables. Besides paneer-stuffed Kulcha, Delhi 6 serves Kulcha stuffed with onion, or even amritsari and masala if you want to double up on your favourite Indian flavours!

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