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  2. Veggie Singapore: Veggie Venues Everyone Needs to Try
Veggie Singapore: Veggie Venues Everyone Needs to Try

Veggie Singapore: Veggie Venues Everyone Needs to Try

Singapore is rapidly becoming one the best foodie locations in the world, with its impressive array of all different types of cuisine. And the good news is that our Southeast Asian country is absolutely bustling with vegetarian options for travellers or locals who want to steer clear of meat - or just enjoy eating vegetables a lot. Here's our list of a few of the most exciting veggie joints, which are perfect for visiting or ordering in with Deliveroo.


Greendot specialises in meat-free Asian fast food in a casual atmosphere. Their pledge is to make healthy meals which are accessible and affordable to the masses. Customers can create their own customised bento, or choose from a delicious range of vibrant rice or noodle dishes with an authentic Asian flavour.


Who says burgers are only for carnivores? Veganburg certainly believes that vegetarians have just as much right to enjoy delicious burgers as meat-eaters do. It is a plant-based burger establishment which aims to create delicious meat-free burgers that are wholesome and bursting with natural, real flavour.


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The folks at Afterglow are determined to "bring sexy back to vegetables." They're passionate about going back to basics while showing how veggie dishes can be delightful and delicious. The venue also offers food workshops but mainly focuses on its healthy food and juice delivery service.

4.Open Farm Community

The aim of Open Farm Community is to create a truly unique dining experience, which focuses on connecting the community to nature. It unites local farmers and creative chefs in an effort to come up with innovative, vibrant, locally sourced dishes.

5.Original Sin

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Original Sin specialises in Mediterranean and Italian vegetarian dishes using only the finest, freshest fruits and vegetables on the market. The stylish establishment aims to create works of art on the plate, and one of the standout options on the menu is the King Oyster Mushroom.

6.LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant

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LingZhi is perfect for lovers of Chinese food. The restaurant prides itself on avoiding things like mock meats and artificial colouring, and instead provides its customers with fragrant, vibrant, organic ingredients. One of the top dishes is the Braised Winter Melon with Bai Ling Mushroom. It's to die for.

Whether you're a vegetarian or not, there's really no reason not to try some of the brilliant veggie restaurants in this foodie capital today. All these dishes and more are just a couple of clicks away on Deliveroo.

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