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4 Sweet And Savoury Coconut Dishes In Singapore

Sweet? Savoury? In Singapore, Coconut Lets You Choose

The world is going crazy for coconuts right now and, in 2018, we bet that this trend is set to grow. It's long been used in a range of Asian curries, with Thai takeaways relying on it as a staple ingredient. But you may have noticed that it's being found across a range of both sweet and savoury dishes now, meaning that you can always get your fix no matter the course.

When it comes to Thai, most of us already have our favourites. Why not branch out a little? Whether you try a new restaurant or a new dish entirely, you're absolutely spoiled for choice. Yeah, we know people say that a lot. But, with coconut, it's absolutely true - where is the lie?

Coconut is not only versatile, it can be enjoyed by such a wide range of people. Coconut milk is a welcome addition to curries for many people with dairy intolerances or who live as vegans. It's also a natural ingredient meaning its great for those on a paleo diet.

So, as well as being insanely good to eat, it's good for your health, too. So, why not go "coco loco" for some of the dishes below?

1. Tom Kha Gai (Coconut Soup)

This is a delicious dish to kick you off and the clue is in the name - Tom Kha Gai is a fresh and fragrant coconut soup from Bangkok Thai Kitchen. This classic dish contains the staple (coconut milk, of course) but it also contains a variety of pungent thai herbs and leaves, a choice of protein and chilli as well making for a taste sensation. The dish may be basic but it's definitely one to order for the coconut alone!

2. Red Ruby

Moving away from the savoury theme and onto something a little sweeter, Red Ruby at Siam Society will help tick every box. As a complex dessert, coconut is just one part of a bigger picture as it combines together water chestnut, jackfruit, and coconut water. It's entirely plant-based and, although it might seem like a strange combination, it works absolutely every time.

3. S509

Mashed taro is a typically Fijian dish but It's Dessert By Old Hong Kong have brought it seamlessly over to Singapore. Combining the mashed tropical veggie with almond cream, the dish is then tastefully finished off with a generous helping of fresh coconut cream. Again, it's a little different, but it's a culturally enriching way to enjoy coconut!

4. Lontong

It's Malaysian cuisines turn to get in on the coconut action and Oleh, Oleh knows how to do this well. Their take on a Malay classic - Lontong - comprises rice cakes, potato bagedil, hard-boiled egg, tofu and that all-important rich coconut milk. It's even made even more delicious thanks to the addition of a vegetable gravy, too. As you might have guessed, it's entirely vegetarian. Even better - more people can enjoy it!

The coconut craze isn't going anywhere soon - well, except to your front door, thanks to Deliveroo!

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