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  2. 4 Spicy Pasta Dishes That Will Stop You Getting Chilly
4 Spicy Pasta Dishes That Will Stop You Getting Chilly

4 Spicy Pasta Dishes That Will Stop You Getting Chilly

Throughout Singapore, there are plenty of different dishes, cuisines and restaurants to choose from, which is why it's great when you know exactly what you fancy. Say, for instance, you fancy a spicy pasta dish made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and inspired by true Italian recipes. Well, that definitely narrows it down; all you need to do now is pick which Italian takeaway and pasta dish best suits you. To help you out, we've found four of the best pasta dishes out there for you to try tonight.

1. Spicy Turkey Bacon Aglio

If you're looking for a variety of spicy pasta dishes, look no further than the multiple PastaMania establishments dotted around Singapore. For their health conscious but hungry patrons, there are low-calorie options such as the popular spicy prawn aglio and Mediterranean spaghetti dishes, while those who just want good food can choose from appetisers, big pasta bowls, baked rice and even desserts. Of all the spicy dishes though, the spicy turkey bacon aglio is a favourite, with chilli, garlic and diced tomatoes all cooked in olive oil.

2. Spicy Crabmeat Linguine

For eighteen years, The Marmalade Pantry has been serving modern comfort food to the masses using fresh, locally sourced produce to create grand meals, decadent desserts and exquisite teas. At each branch, you'll find salads, sandwiches, plates of pasta, roasts and plenty of sweet dishes to keep you going. For those hoping for a good old-fashioned spicy pasta dish, there's no option on the menu better than the spicy crab meat meal with linguine. Made with jumbo crab meat, pine nuts, tomato and chilli, this dish will certainly hit the spicy spot.

3. Meatball Pasta

Loaded with chilli padi, as well as beef, pork, onion and tomato, this seemingly simple spaghetti pasta dish will definitely keep you warm throughout the colder times this year. In fact, the meatball pasta is one Ministry of Pasta & Grill's most popular dishes year-round, alongside their Smoked Duck pasta dish and the Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta, which also contains chilli padi. This restaurant has plenty of spicy pasta dishes for you to choose from, so you can't go wrong!

4. All' Arrabbiata

Of all the Italian restaurants in Singapore, few are more dedicated to their culinary roots than Pasta Fresca. They even claim to be one of the first establishments to introduce fresh pasta to the nation of Singapore and have won a number of awards including one from the Italian Chamber of Commerce. There's loads to choose from on the menu, but one dish stands out among the rest. Tangy with a hint of heat, the all' arrabbiata with Italian tomato sauce, chilli and garlic is perfect for anyone who wants a spicy dish without any meat.

For even more spicy pasta dishes, check out the other local Deliveroo partners near you.

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