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4 Amazing Wagyu Beef Dishes To Steal The Show

Showstopping Beef - Wagyu Gonna Do About It?

The answer to this is, clearly, that you've just got to order some. Sometimes in life, we stumble upon something that is too pure, too good, too amazing for this world... and, ladies and gentleman, one of those things is wagyu beef. In fact, once you've tried this delicious way of eating the meat, you'll never really want to go back! Using one of four breeds of Japanese cattle, the cuts are prized for their superior flavour and marbling.

Singapore offers a variety of wagyu dishes across the board so you have plenty of choice. With the popularity of American takeaway food here, it can, of course, be found in burgers, but, equally, in steak form and more. American takeaway doesn't always need to be unhealthy, fried food; sometimes, it can be healthy, top-quality stuff. The choice is really up to you.

Wagyu gonna do with just normal beef now?!

1. Beef Wagyu Burger

No prizes for guessing what Bergs dishes up (it's, well, burgers...). But these aren't just any burgers, like the kind you've had a million times before; these burgers feature only the best, premium quality beef. And, of course, that's not all! The patty may steal the show but, ultimately, it's about the whole cast. How does arugula, cheese, aioli and bacon bourbon jam sound packed in there, too? Delicious, that's how!

2. Wagyu Ribeye

This is where it's at. Steak seriously does not get much better than this. Maybe life doesn't, who knows? All we do know is that you need to try this at least once. One of the best things about wagyu beef is the marbling and a solid rib eye is also known for drawing most of its flavour from its marbling, too. So, essentially, it's a match made in heaven. When you order this from Meat Smith, it's smoked, seasoned and cooked to pure perfection. You probably don't even need it but the icing on the cake is the slaw and the accompanying chimichurri. Delicious!

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3. Wagyu Beef Burger

Here's another burger to keep you on your toes! This time it comes from Foodster Oz Steak & Burgers and they sell exactly what they say they do - but it's really good. It's got the classic toppings, including onions, tomatoes, lettuce and a healthy dollop of honey mustard sauce. They even throw on a little turkey bacon and we so approve.

4. USDA Choice Flatiron Steak Rice Bowl

Look, it's not wagyu but, sometimes, we make exceptions for the very best quality meats. These steak bowls from New Ubin Seafood are pretty special in their own right - we spy the word "truffle" in their ingredients list and everyone knows that's how you know something's fancy, right?! The dish comes complete with "heart attack" fried rice (their words, not ours), in addition to steak, truffle buttered corn, cherry tomatoes, sea salt and even a perfectly runny soft boiled egg. How have you not ordered this already?

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Warning: wagyu will change the way you see beef forever. See for yourself with plenty of picks here on Deliveroo!

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