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  2. 4 Prawn Noodle Dishes That Prove Seafood Is Superior
4 Prawn Noodle Dishes That Prove Seafood Is Superior

4 Prawn Noodle Dishes That Prove Seafood Is Superior

As Singapore is a close neighbour of Thailand, it's no surprise that we have embraced many of the wonderful Thai dishes our companions have to offer. With tropical tastes, textures and recipes that cannot be found in other cuisines from around the world on offer, Thai restaurants and takeaways have quickly become a favourite throughout Singapore. Of course, not all dishes are created equal and so some authentic meals from Thailand are more popular than others. For instance, there are prawn noodles, delicious concoctions that combine decadent seafood with humble noodles. Varied, tasty, and filling, here are the four best prawn noodle dishes that can be found in Singapore.

1. Phad Thai Seafood

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Thai dishes are often made up of similar basic ingredients including stir-fried noodles, greens, eggs and prawns. However, while many of the dishes may be similar, phad thai remains a favourite throughout the world due to its unique flavours. Over at Basil Thai Kitchen, which we have hailed previously as a great place to get a traditional, delicious massamam, the phad thai is a fan favourite that prawn noodle lovers will love.

2. Prawn Vermicelli

For those on the hunt for something particularly exotic, vermicelli is an excellent choice. More commonly known as a type of pasta developed in Italy, vermicelli is now widely accepted throughout Asia as a thin type of noodle. Coincidentally, this thin noodle goes extremely well with prawns. At Siam Society, they've nailed this by pairing the noodles with tiger prawns that have been seasoned with cloves of garlic and coriander root. Delicate yet decidedly chunky, this is a perfect meal for Thai prawn lovers.

3. Glass Noodle Salad With Seafood

Renowned throughout Bartley for their varied and tasty oceanic dishes, Yaowarat Seafood is the best place to find every type of fishy, thai noodle dish in existence. Of course, this also means they do dishes that are difficult to find elsewhere including a glass noodle salad with seafood. Prawns are just one element of this unusual salad but we're sure that you can add whatever other seafood items you would like, whether it's crab, cod or mussels. These will be accompanied by lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions and all sorts of greens so you can eat great without the guilt.

4. Goong Pad Prik

Indulgent, authentic and situated alongside a gorgeous riverside, Suanthai is undisputedly one of the best Thai restaurants in Singapore. There are dishes for everyone available from the menu, though we reckon the goong pad la prik is the best choice for anyone who fancies prawns. This meal is made up of deep fried king prawns with butter flake, seasoned with black pepper, crispy garlic and curry. This isn't like any other meal out there and is absolutely worth trying at least once if you can afford it.

For plenty of other prawn noodle dishes, check out all the Thai restaurants available to deliver to your door on Deliveroo.

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