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  2. Spice, Rice And Everything Nice - Singapore’s 4 Nuttiest Curries
Spice, Rice And Everything Nice - Singapore’s 4 Nuttiest Curries

Spice, Rice And Everything Nice - Singapore’s 4 Nuttiest Curries

Whether you like your korma, your massaman, your sweet green or red, curries are a flavourful favourite of spice hunters everywhere. They're varied, they're worldwide, they can be maxed out on chilli and heat or simply carry a subtle glow - but one thing's for sure: they all taste great. If you're craving some spice in your life, a little skip in your step, then look no further. Here at Deliveroo, we've gathered up four of Singapore's nuttiest curries to put your tongue to the test. Grab your knife, your fork, your chopsticks or your spoon. It's chow time.  

1. Malabar Fish Curry

Fancy a little seafood? Want to start things off cool? The Malabar fish curry at Muthu's in Dempsey is just what you need. Non-spicy with a dash of coconut oil, it's a gentle blend of ocean flavours on a bed of rice. Pour on some butter paneer, grab a naan or two and drink down some fresh lime juice. This is a slow but ever so tempting start to an ever increasing list of nut and spice.

2. Gaeng Mussaman Neau

Diced Australian beef tenderloin, finely chopped potato and onion and the punchy taste of peanuts all draped in a massaman sauce. The Gaeng Mussaman Neau at Jim Thompson is a dish to behold - fragrant, deep and peaked, it's bound to please any curry lover with a taste for nuts. Satisfy your appetite with a serving down in Tanglin, throw in side dishes both vegetarian and carnivore, then wash it all down with an Asian style dessert. We're talking mango sticky rice, water chestnuts in coconut milk or steamed banana in syrup.

3. Subzi Korma

Subzi Korma at Kurry Korner - it tastes just as good as it sounds. Ask politely and the culinary eggheads in the Korner kitchen won't hesitate in serving you up a dish quick as a flash - simmered mixed veggies melt beneath a cashew nut and onion gravy, accented with saffron and seasoned to taste. Light up your mouth and light up your lunch with this plate of nutritious goodness. Not a fan of cashews? No problem. Why not try the chicken xacuti? A fiery fusion of roast spice, curry leaf and coconut, it's bound to fill any appetite for heat.

4. Green Chicken Curry

Green chicken curry with jasmine cashew rice. Simple, effective, delicious. The Basil Thai Kitchen keeps it homely and traditional, shaping just a few curry dishes to absolute perfection. A range of appetisers is on offer, from the signature in-house chicken wings to a spicy mango salad, with omelettes and kailan on the side. Go big with the green chicken curry main, cool down with a red ruby dessert, then rest assured that you've done your appetite justice.  

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