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4 Creative Noodle Dishes To Live On In Singapore

You Say You're Living Off Noodles Like That's A Bad Thing?!

If you still think noodles are boring or the kind of thing you eat when money's a little tight, just where have you been? Noodles have actually been pushing boundaries for a while now, providing some of the most delicious and tasty dishes to diners all around the world.

Traditionally known as a Japanese delicacy, there are a variety of Asian cuisines that absolutely nail noodles each and every time. People often forget to order noodles when eating out at Japanese, Vietnamese or Chinese restaurants (favouring things like sushi) but there's so much more on offer with these tempting broths, so don't miss out!

We've collated a few of the most inspiring ones for you, right here in Singapore!

1. Pho Vegetarian

Vietnamese doesn't get more authentic than at Nam Nam Noodle Bar and the Pho goes down a storm. Being vegetarian doesn't mean you need be excluded from the craze; their meatless version is equally popular and of course, just as tasty. As a vegetarian dish, this offering proves that you don't necessarily need meat to make a tasty and intricate dish to stand out from the crowd. With a fragrant broth chock full of fresh veggies and spices, you won't be left disappointed.

2. Bulgogi Japchae

The Cup has a range of rice and noodle dishes; in fact, that's what they do best. Bulgogi Japchae is one of the most in-demand dishes on the menu and it's no surprise as to why. Stir-fried veggies, glass noodles and bulgogi beef combine to create a blend of flavours that sets them apart from the rest. With Korean influences, this restaurant really delivers when it comes to getting it right.

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3. Traditional Teochow Fishball Minced Meat Noodles

At Yammee Teochow, you never need to decide between fish and meat noodles again... you can just have them both - at the exact same time! Fishballs, meatballs and veggie balls combine effortlessly to push boundaries and really give your taste buds something new. Mee pork, fishcakes, mushrooms, spring onions and even a kick of chilli all mix together to create something truly special and different; it's an underdog that always wins over diners in the end!

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4. Heng Hwa Noodle Soup

We could all use some hearty comfort food from time to time, a fact that NOW Noodles are clearly well aware of. This noodle soup is perfect as a winter warmer, or just year round when you're looking for something to cheer you up. Chicken in a ginger broth provides a health kick whilst the fried egg, lily flower, black fungus, bok choy and snow peas all make the experience really unique to anything you've probably tried before.

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If you're well and truly inspired - or just downright hungry - you can find oodles of noodles at plenty of places on Deliveroo!

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