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4 Cold Pressed Juices That Just Make Breakfast Better

4 Cold Pressed Juices That Just Make Breakfast Better

All around Singapore, we are incredibly lucky to have restaurants and takeaways that deal specifically with breakfast. After all, is there anything better than waking up and having a freshly prepared breakfast from a top-notch establishment brought to your own front door? We don't think so. Well, unless that breakfast comes with a cold-pressed juice like these ones we've listed below.

1. Green Envy Fresh Market Juice

Over at Wild Honey, you can get almost any type of breakfast you desire, whether it be meaty, vegetarian, cereals, breads, sweet, a salad, or even a sandwich. To accompany all of their breakfast and brunch options they've even supplied a robust drinks menu that comprises coffee, tea, mocktails and, you guessed it, fresh market juice. There are plenty of juice options including a melon concoction, the vegetapple and spicy citrus but it is the green envy that sounds the most refreshing. With celery, cucumber, mint, lemon, ginger, spinach and green apple, this vibrant juice will definitely provide a healthy start to your day.

2. Cold Pressed Pure Juices

As the name suggests, Pure Juice over in Kovan deals mostly in juices squeezed from the finest, locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Their pure smoothies are incredibly varied and popular but, if you're looking for a juice, you can be even more creative by picking your own ingredients. With up to two fruits per bottle, there's apple, orange, pear, acai berry, pineapple, watermelon, goji berry, blueberry and even banana to choose from. All juices are available in 300ml and 500ml bottles so you can either get a bottle just for breakfast or stay refreshed all day with a larger bottle.

3. Sunkissed Organic Cold-Pressed Juice

If you're interested in nothing but juice for your breakfast, your best option is probably Juiced Juice in Joo Chiat, which is devoted to, well, juicing juice. There are numerous recipes to choose from as these aren't just your everyday orange or apple beverages. Each of Juiced Juice's juices are specially crafted to be nutritional, which is why they have names like Life Potion, Clean & Lean and Nutty Cleanse. The one that sounds most tasty though is the Sunkissed organic cold-pressed juice. Made specially to fight viral infections, the Sunkissed is high in vitamin C and is made with mint, orange, pineapple and cucumber. It's so good it's even Juiced Juice's favourite juice!

4. Rise & Shine Juice

Finally, if you're interested in ordering some breakfast juice that's a little less serious and yet still classy and delicious, there's Haakon Superfoods & Juice. Though they deal mainly in smoothies, Haakon also has a selection of cold-pressed juices that are blended together to create delicious formulas that can be found nowhere else. For instance, the Rise & Shine formula is a great breakfast juice as it is created to wake you up and ensure you start your day off right. With orange, mango, pineapple and passionfruit, it's a hard breakfast juice to beat.

Looking for even more breakfast cold-pressed juice options? Visit Deliveroo to see what else might take your fancy.

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