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  2. Want a cheap brunch, Singapore? Here are the hotspots for brunch on a budget
Wake up to a tasty and cheap brunch Singapore style

Want a cheap brunch, Singapore? Here are the hotspots for brunch on a budget

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we reckon it's brunch. Who wouldn't love this combination of two meals in one go - breakfast and lunch? If you're constantly waking up late or you just like something a little more hearty, a cheap brunch Singapore style could be exactly what you're after. This kind of meal is simply so diverse; full of protein to give you energy for the rest of the day. Everyone loves eggs in this context - not only do they set you up for hours, but they taste amazing and there's so many things you can do with them along the way. But that's not all there is out there - just see what kind of brunch you could be enjoying from the comfort of your home today!

1. Fluffy Pancake Stacks - Brunches Cafe

Forget what your mother told you - you don't have to wait to enjoy sweet treats until after you've eaten the healthy stuff. At Brunches Cafe you're an adult, so you can have the Fluffy Pancake Stack at any time of day. Pancakes are a brunch favourite and it's super easy to see why. These are the fluffiest of the lot and you're absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to toppings. Whether you prefer fruit, butter or even some indulgent maple syrup, these babies are as sweet as sweet can be.

2. Kale & Sweet Potato Hash - Cedele All Day Dining

If you love superfood, you'll love this super brunch from Cedele All Day Dining. Kale and sweet potato are both the stars of the show, so not only is this offering delicious, it's also highly nutritious (no, but for real). Enjoy the two with sauteed mushrooms, two fried eggs, furikake Japanese seasoning and sriracha ketchup. You can even make things vegan for added health benefits. Switch out the eggs for homemade cauliflower quinoa chia seed patties with a scrumptious strawberry chilli jam.

3. Oeufs Benedicte Au Saumon - Paul

After eggs, salmon is probably the most coveted brunch ingredient around. With this dish from Paul, you get both. Smoked salmon sits comfortably on a bed of toasted brioche and those all important greens - in this case, it's spinach. The two poached eggs complement the rest of the dish perfectly, but that's the job of the sauces as well. If you want the ideal intro to brunch, this has for sure got to be it. 

4. White Truffle Scrambled Eggs - Craftsmen

There's almost nothing more special than truffle oil, except maybe White Truffle Scrambled Eggs. Not only is it incredibly awesome, it's also pretty healthy, too. In addition to these premium and protein-packed ingredients, you'll also find nuts, tomatoes and even fresh sprouts. It's that rare find where it's something you should be eating for the good of your health - but also something you WANT to be eating, too. Trust us though; the entire things works. Thanks, Craftsmen. You seriously "get" brunch. 

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