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4 dishes proving Japanese fusion food deserves a place on the menu

Fusion Food - Sushi is Next on the Menu

If you haven't come across the craze that is fusion food, then it's time to get up to speed and fast. Fusion dishes are popular these days, with the best dishes from different food cultures being combined to create a whole new taste sensation. That's right, licking your lips is the correct reaction at discovering the world of fusion food. But where to start on experiencing this foodie trend? Well, Singapore has plenty of options, including combining traditional cuisines, such as Japanese, with international culinary delights. The result is Japanese fusion food like no other. Here are just few examples, and where to get them from.

1. Sushi Burrito

Sushi and Mexican? It sounds a bit weird at first but, honestly, you won't think that after you've tried it. Sushi burritos are a firm staple on the menu at Kinsa Sushi. It's the classic Japanese favourite - with the likes of rice, vegetables and meat or fish - but in a burrito wrap, representing both food cultures perfectly. This fusion fish truly makes a meal to remember and, what's more, you can try the sushi burrito with three different fillings: Poke, Beef and Teri Chicken. You're no doubt hungry just at the thought of it.

2. Instagram This Maki

Our next star knows a thing or two about the importance of the presentation-taste balance. Tanuki Raw create fusion dishes such as Instagram This Maki that will have you saying goodbye to regular sushi and hello to Instagram This. Best described as a mixture of Japanese and American, you can indulge your taste buds in steak, avocado, tamago and bacon maki, topped with melted cheese, smoked ketchup, onions and umami mayo. Now that's something that needs trying and - to top it off - you don't even need to leave the house to get your hands (and camera) on this Instagramable nosh.

3. Bulgogi Roll

The clue to which food culture this sushi is fused with is in the name of the sushi bar - Seoul Roll. The offerings at this eatery all have one thing in common: Korean flavours have a mighty influence, creating some amazing fusion sushi. Known as Kimbap in Korea, this dish features the Japanese technique of wrapping rice in layers of seaweed, but Korean classics replace some of the traditional Japanese fillings. One item on the menu that stands out is the Bulgogi Roll, based on the popular Korean barbecue beef dish. We're liking the sound of this.

4. Matcha Tiramisu

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We'll finish on a sweet note, with this incredible fusion dessert. Sun with Moon's Matcha Tiramisu is a sugary fusion not to be missed. Paying homage to its Italian origins and firmly rooting it in tradition, mascarpone cheese features heavily in this dish. Yet, when combined with matcha green tea sponge and blueberries, this dessert is definitely the way to end your fusion-filled meal.

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