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  2. Forget The All-American Breakfast - Shake Up Your Thinking And Try Something New!
Forget The All-American Breakfast - Shake Up Your Thinking​

Forget The All-American Breakfast - Shake Up Your Thinking And Try Something New!

For many people, breakfast is the best meal of the day. For one thing, it can be so versatile. It's the only meal of the day where no-one's going to chastise you for picking something sweet over savoury. A classic choice would be a stack of pancakes or an American cooked breakfast – with eggs, bacon, sausages, and hash browns.

But, of course, away from the American breakfast plate, there are countless different dishes from other cuisines that will give you a fresh way to start the day. Let's take a look at some of the alternatives that you can order for breakfast here in Singapore.

1. Bon appétit

The French generally take a lighter breakfast than other nationalities, and it's not unusual for them to just drink a coffee and eat a croissant. There are lots of great places to get French patisserie goods here in Singapore, like Paul on Gateway Drive. There's a bakery counter where you can order all kinds of sweet pastry delights.

However, if you like the idea of going French but want something a little more substantial than a pastry, try one of their Croque Monsieur - a toasted pain de mie sandwich with layers of turkey ham and Emmental and cream. For a little bit more filling, choose a Croque Madame, which comes with a "sunny side up" egg on the top.

2. Dim sum's great for sharing

If you're having breakfast with family or friends and want the chance to share a few dishes, then a dim sum brunch is the perfect choice.

At Kimly Dim Sum, you can mix and match dishes such as fried yam dumpling, sesame ball, chicken glutinous rice, scallop dumpling, fried Sotong rolls, siew mai, steamed yam cake and chee cheong fun (char siew or prawn).  Order a couple per person and you'll all be able to share a breakfast feast.

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3. Shake it up!

When you're in the mood for a healthy and nutritious breakfast but don't have time to sit and savour, then why not choose one of the Wake and Shake breakfast blends at the Shake Farm? The Sunrise Shake has orange, mango, banana and passionfruit with frozen yoghurt. The Morning Mender has banana, strawberry, mixed nuts, manuka honey and probiotic Greek yoghurt - maybe a good restorative choice to follow a big night out.

4. Breakfast and lunch rolled into one

If you're really hungry, then don't miss out on the Hearty Breakfast at The Playground Coffee. This one will see you through til dinnertime at least! It's got elements of the American breakfast - with eggs and bacon, but there are European elements too - with a Frankische sausage, balsamic mixed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, baked beans and slaw salad. To round it off, there's multigrain toast on the side.

Have we got you thinking about tomorrow's breakfast? Find your morning delights on Deliveroo.


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