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  2. All roads lead to tasty - explore the best flavours Joo Chiat food has to offer
It's a Flavour Feast - Around the World with Joo Chiat Food

All roads lead to tasty - explore the best flavours Joo Chiat food has to offer

Singapore's Joo Chiat is well known - but what about Joo Chiat food? This charming area of Eastern Singapore is full of the stuff and has so many amazing flavours that you simply cannot beat. Whether you want to enjoy Chinese or Thai, Steakhouses or Vietnamese, there's plenty on offer for you to enjoy in just one place. Of course, you don't need to go anywhere to enjoy everything that it has to offer - you can order literally anything inspired by this area from the comfort of your own home. Let's take a look at what that might be.

1. American BBQ

BBQ food plays an integral part in the USA's cuisine. Perhaps the most famous dish of all is ribs - and the Baby Back Pork Ribs from Smokeys BBQ are probably the best of the lot. You don't have to go all the way to the States, nor do you have to spend your whole night stood over a stove. They take great care in making sure their back loin ribs are perfectly seasoned with their special dry rub, so that it tastes just as it would at a US cookout. The aspect we love best though is that it's dripping in home-made BBQ sauce. Seriously. So. Much. BBQ sauce.

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2. Indian Curry

Indian food is full of so much flavour and variety and the stuff in Joo Chiat is as good as it gets. For a truly Indian experience, hit up Bismillah Biryani. One of our top picks is Chicken Bhuna. The dish is generally characterised by intense flavours and this restaurant's superb rendition is no exception. Complete with a perfectly spiced sauce that's nice and thick, this dish is full of garlic, chilli, ginger and onions without subjecting you to too much heat. It's so good!

3. Italian Pizza

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Italian pizza is the best. Sadly, however, the universe is actually pretty big - so popping over to Italy to enjoy some is usually out of the question. Luckily it's been copied all over the world to super high standards, especially in Joo Chiat. At Napolizz there are so many different flavours to take your fancy, but we're especially into their Pizza Rucola Parma Ham. Parma ham, salad and shaved parmesan cheese all come together to make the meatiest, cheesiest, most Italian dish of the lot. 

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4. Brazilian Steak

Brazilians love their meat, this we know. You can find steak inspired by the country in Joo Chiat and we promise it'll live up to your expectations. The 300g Steak option from Braseiro is a flame-grilled ribeye that'll give you a sense of the true Brazilian style and leave you 100% satisfied. How? Well, they know what they're doing at Braseiro and the great taste in their dishes is reflective of such impeccable quality.

Why go around the world in 80 days when you can do it in just a few clicks? Joo Chiat has the goods, so order whichever cuisine you fancy now from Deliveroo.

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